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Eric often uses terms or turns-of-phrase that some people may not immediately understand. This page is a reference source for those only. This should not be confused with more general topic areas that may at first cause confusion such as the DISC, EGOs, Load-Bearing Fictions, etc.

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A/B Testing[edit]

Adaptive Landscape[edit]

Adaptive Valley[edit]

  • Sewall Wright's theory of adaptive landscapes of fitness

Adjective, Occupation, Name Formula[edit]


Agentic Leadership[edit]

Anthropic Capitalism[edit]

Anthropic Capitalism & the New Gimmick Economy




Artificial Outelligence[edit]

Audience Capture[edit]

Audio Samizdat[edit]

The Big 5 Personality Traits[edit]

Eric has referred to the Big 5 Personality Traits as a person's hedonic composition.

The Big Nap[edit]

Checksum Theory of Politics[edit]

Church and Pike Commissions[edit]


The Cosmic Spelling Bee[edit]

Bret Weinstein's term for the existential position humanity faces.

Critical Feeling[edit]

Deaths of Accountability[edit]


Dining a la Carte[edit]

Don't screw yourself out of magic[edit]

Don't wait for the bread to rise[edit]

"We Jews have a tradition that I wish everybody had, which is that we read one stupid story every God damn year, just to drill it into your head to make sure it's always fresh. And this is: when it's time to leave, when it's time to change, don't wait for the bread to rise. This is what I say to every Jewish person, like, you're sitting around waiting for the bread to rise, because they all know the story, which is you eat the goddamn matzah because the people who waited for the bread to rise are no longer with us; their descendants are no longer with us. And it is time to revolt. ~ Eric on JRE #1453 @ 36 min

Double Island Rules[edit]

The Educational Complex[edit]

A system of selective political, economic, and memetic pressures resulting in a cult of the teaching profession which prioritizes the careerist desires of the educators over the learning needs of the students.

Efficient Frontier[edit]

The efficient frontier is the blending of all possible components into portfolios with the highest possible return and the lowest possible volatility.


Electronic Tribalism & Electronic Feudalism[edit]

Environment of Evolutionary Adaptation[edit]

Environmental Insult[edit]

Escher's Hands Drawing Hands[edit]

Eric uses this drawing as a metaphor when beginning his discussion of our Source Code.

Wiki's article will hopefully be growing with this community's influence.


Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD)[edit]

Forced Citation[edit]

Fragility of Masculinity[edit]

Game B[edit]

Humankind has lived in Game A since we have escaped the Dunbar limit. Humankind has never seen or fully imagined Game B. People like Daniel Schmachtenberger, Jamie Wheal, and Jordan Hall speak about this process of dialogue and its risks on Rebel Wisdom. A fundamental shift from adversarial processing to opponent processing.

Gating Function[edit]

Gene Drive[edit]

A genetic engineering technology that propagates a particular suite of genes throughout a population by altering that a specific allele will be transmitted to offspring from the natural 50% probability.

Genius vs Excellence[edit]

Gini Coefficient[edit]

High Agency[edit]

When you’re told that something is impossible, is that the end of the conversation, or does that start a second dialogue in your mind, how to get around whoever it is that’s just told you that you can’t do something? So how am I gonna get past this bouncer who told me that I can’t come into this nightclub? How am I going to start a business when my credit is terrible and I have no experience? You’re constantly looking for what is possible in a kind of MacGyverish sort of a way. And that’s your approach to the world.

- (

Iago Media[edit]


Irrationality is a feature, not a bug. It gives us the ability to Camp and decamp.

It's a beautiful thing[edit]

This originates from New York City.

Meaning: You can extract money from people who have no say in the matter.

Injustice Budget[edit]

Institutional Betrayal[edit]



Knark is Swedish for very hard recreational drugs, but it's also "crank" spelled backwards with a slightly different spelling.


Long-Form Podcasting[edit]

Led by Joe Rogan, long form podcasting is where thoughts are exchanged at length among individuals in conversation. A threat to mainstream, legacy media, those who work in and around this space are often smeared.



The Looting Party[edit]

Episode 27, 1:46:00:

when Bill Clinton decided that he couldn't take yet another loss to the Republican party, he was going to start experimenting with republicanism inside of the democratic party. By that point, we had two parties that more or less were two flavors of the same thing. I refer to that collective as the looting party.

Long Term vs Short Term Optimization[edit]

Long/short positions (nuanced positions)[edit]

Maladaptive strategies[edit]


"The meaning of my life is the progressing struggle to impart meaning to meaning." [2]

Message Violence[edit]

Middle Finger[edit]

Minus Epsilon[edit]

The N^2 Revolution[edit]

New Gimmick Economy[edit]

Anthropic Capitalism & the New Gimmick Economy

New Orchards[edit]

Often people discuss the availability of "low-hanging fruit" when discussing growth and innovation. Instead of arguing over the existence of low-hanging fruit in the current paradigm, consider finding New Orchards.

No Living Heroes[edit]

Operation COINTELPRO[edit]

Oral Torah[edit]

The Oral Torah is the set of traditional laws which are associated written texts... but not written.

Overton Window[edit]

Perfectly Legal[edit]

Physics Dollars[edit]

Potemkin Village[edit]

Preference Falsification[edit]

Rent-seeking Elites[edit]


Reputational Violence[edit]

Resource Capture[edit]

Responsible Conspiracy Theorizing[edit]

Mentioned in ep25

Riding on a technical substrate[edit]

Rough Space[edit]


"When [the] sport of personal reputational destruction is coordinated by members of the complex formed by institutional media, the intelligence community, the political parties, political consultants, finance, tech and the academy"


Section A of the Reserve Index[edit]

Yes, our government developed a plan for rounding up people who could contradict the GIN. There‘s a plan for a coming total collapse of confidence in our system.


Selective Pressures[edit]

Semi-reliable Communal Sense-making[edit]

There has been a breakdown in the Semi-reliable Communal Sense-making. Traditionally we used institutions to guide our collective sense-making, but this is no longer the case in the media landscape – so sense-making is no longer close to fully communal. Walter Cronkite was not always telling the truth, but what he said was a close approximation of the national consciousness and shared belief structure as a complex for the country to function upon, but this does not exist in the current media landscape – so it is no longer semi-reliable.



Sharp Minds vs Sharp Elbows[edit]

Speaking Fee[edit]

"Speaking Fee, n: 1) Asynchronous Baksheesh received once a politician has left office. 2) (Archaic) A modest honorarium for giving a speech."

Split Level Argument[edit]

Related to the "Motte-and-Bailey Doctrine".

Steady Hands[edit]


Teaching Disabilities[edit]

Terms of Service[edit]

Totalizing Ideologies[edit]

The Twin Nuclei Problem[edit]

The Observerse[edit]

There is no secret ingredient[edit]

This is a line from Eric's favorite movie, Kung Fu Panda.


Technology Intelligence Media (TIM)[edit]

Type I & Type II Error[edit]


Vampire Syndrome or Vampire Effect[edit]

White Suit[edit]

Wu-Yang Dictionary[edit]