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An extension of the concept of blue-on-blue, aka friendly fire, which Eric first discussed publicly in February 2023 on JRE #1945. "Baby blue" refers to civilians who may unintentionally stumble upon covert operations within their own government, and find themselves the accidental targets of "cobalt blue", i.e., government organizations and officials. The United States government currently has several deconfliction programs (Case Explorer, SAFETNet, and RISSafe) to keep local, state and federal law enforcement organizations informed as needed on each other's operations to prevent blue-on-blue conflicts. These programs, however, are not available to civilians.

Consider that none of us know the answer to "what does the government do when private citizens start to figure out statecraft narratives are bullshit?"

- Eric Weinstein on JRE #1945, Released Feb 22, 2023

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