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Snap-to-Grid Intellectualism: Noun. In social interaction: the lobbing back and forth of nominally and tangentially related concepts expressed through vague or tired cliches, bumper sticker slogans, and catchy platitudes with one or more discussion partners in ritual simulation of the archaic tradition known as conversation (deprecated).

i.e. “you said something that reminds me of something I heard. Then somebody will parrot something that will momentarily take a naive hold on your mind. Something like -- you know -- "strong men make good times good times make weak men weak men make hard times hard times make strong men it always is a cycle right?" And then you just think, okay. Well, that has some kind of naive hold on my mind.” (Source)

Examples[edit | edit source]

  • "Vax Up or Mask Up"
  • "Stop the Spread"
  • "Flatten the Curve"
  • "Build Back Better"
  • "Silence is Violence"
  • "Number go up!"
  • Pro-life vs pro-choice
  • Pro-immigration vs Anti-immigration

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