Message Violence

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The analysis of message violence: "that there is certain violence that is committed theatrically as an instrument of transmission to induce preference falsification."

"The idea is to create something so horrific, beyond what is necessary to silence someone through murder and death, to communicate to others the instant necessity of beginning to falsify their preferences."

"A leveraging effect where a small amount of violence results in the maximum amount of preference falsification."

#4 Timur Kuran @ 28:50 Eric describes Saddam's Ba'ath party meetings. @ 31:45 Eric puts forth his theory.

"The point of the violence is to be so picturesque that it works its way into your mind and it won't let you go because somebody did something that was unnecessarily unthinkable; just for the purpose of torturing your brain with knowing that is what is on the other side."

#6 Jocko @ 55:03