Deaths of Accountability

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What is the real end game of this? Where are we really? When people are talking about reopening back to normal, I have the feeling that almost none of this stuff makes sense. And, you know, my take on "flatten-the-curve" was that we were caught with our pants down with respect to preparedness. And so we were trying to avoid deaths of accountability, which would be triage deaths. So then, you know, the issue was that the limbo bar was so low because we didn't want people dying to show that we were completely incompetent. So everybody should stay home so that we don't have deaths due to triage, as opposed to deaths due to the Coronavirus.

-Eric Weinstein on The Portal #35, with Balaji Srinivasian @ 1 hr 32 min

What the hell is wrong, it is time for these people to resign and it is time for us to remember that we have the ability to turn over our own government. We are so unprepared as a nation, and we have been sold out for so long by our self-appointed leadership class who nobody wants, that we either remember who we are and how this game is played—I mean, this is like, this is a pre-war footing. And this can easily lead to war, the transmission mechanism is you have everybody stay indoors, because you're worried about deaths of accountability, which is, you know, I don't think they're worried about the number of deaths. I think they're worried about deaths that result from triage, and that would result in career ending action.... If we all have to stay home while they replenish our supplies, then the economy goes into recession, recession can become depression, depressions lead to armed conflict and armed conflict leads to war. That would be a transmission mechanism from these stupid masks to stop something that nobody can handle.

-Eric Weinstein on JRE #1453 @ 36 min