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Thinkuisition, n: illiberal purge of liberal 1st-principles thinkers via communalism, language, personal intimidation & identity politics.

-Eric Weinstein on Twitter

In the Inquisition, the Jews of Spain were chased by the Spanish Inquisition into, say, Turkey in the Ottoman Empire. My claim is that a lot of analytic lefties have been chased into the center right by the madness of these progressive lunatics, and that thing I'm calling "The Thinkquisition" is that people who are worried about, you know, homophobia or xenophobia, and all these things, but don't for a second sign up for the progressive, revolutionary sort of pseudo-Maoist agenda, those people are now hanging out as if they were in Turkey, even though their home, you know, was originally in the analog of Spain. The center right has become the Ottoman Empire to receive people chased out of the madness of Spain.

-Eric Weinstein on The James Altucher show #472