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Hello, you've found The Portal Wiki. We are a project-driven community spread over many interest areas and a variety of backgrounds. We are dreamers and doers who use the tension between these two states to drive our productivity. If you are too, then find something that interests you and contribute what you can.

Using the Wiki[edit]

The wiki is where the community's efforts come together and are displayed. See the FAQ for quick questions and the Portal Wiki project page for specific tasks.


Linking is the defining feature of the wiki. By linking wiki pages to each other the site becomes more comprehensive and reflective of our collective knowledge.

  • To link to a page, surround its title with double brackets. So then, the code [[Eric Weinstein]] produces the link Eric Weinstein.
  • To change how the link displays, separate the page title and the text you want displayed with the | symbol. So then, the code [[Eric Weinstein|Eric]] produces the link Eric.

You can link to a page that does not exist, doing so will allow the creation of that page. Simply follow the red link and create the page. Make sure to run a search before creating a page to avoid duplicates.

Special Pages[edit]

The wiki's Special Pages provide tools to see where attention is needed across the site. There are more than what is listed here, but these are the most useful for finding where to make quick and meaningful contribution.

Dead-end Pages[edit]

Dead-end pages are pages that do not link to anywhere else in the wiki. If you recognize ideas on these pages that already have a page or you think an idea is deserving of a page, then add links.

Orphaned Pages[edit]

Orphaned pages are pages not linked to on any page in the wiki. Consider searching existing pages for the topics of orphaned pages and adding links to them.

Wanted Pages[edit]

Wanted pages are pages that have not yet been created, but have a wiki link pointing to them. Even creating the page and adding the {{Stub}} label is a good contribution, it allows the next person to more easily contribute.

Pages with the Fewest Revisions[edit]

Pages with the fewest revisions are pages that likely need touching up and development. Consider adding what you can.


MW-Icon-Warning.png This article is a stub. You can help us by editing this page and expanding it.

Pages with the {{Stub}} label need development. If you see a page with this label, consider adding to it.


At present, there are four major focus areas based on ideas put forth by Eric. The hub page for each project explains the core idea and the purpose of the project. Below the hub page are listings for the largest and most developed projects in each area.

Joining an Existing Project[edit]

To join an existing project, contact one of its members listed on their project page through Discord.

Adding Your Own Project[edit]

To add your own project, simply create a page for it and link to it on the Projects page under the New Projects heading.


Below the project listings on the main page are ideas relevant to the project they are grouped under. Developing these pages facilitates work on community projects and makes it easier to communicate among ourselves and with the world at large. Many of them were brought to light on The Portal Podcast, so reviewing podcast transcripts can help fill out topic pages.