Projects in the Portal Community are primarily tracked by The Portal Projects Group. Each project is related to ideas expressed on The Portal Podcast or by Eric Weinstein. If you know of a project that isn't on this list, please add it!

This page exists to:

  • Present completed work and connect volunteers to projects
  • Nurture new projects and bring them to life


Graph, Wall, Tome

Fundamental physics seems unreachable for many. This project and its subprojects aim to map and convey the information necessary to understand the most vibrant realm of human knowledge. (On Discord)

Slipping the DISC

In almost any field of human activity, mechanisms emerge to suppress or downregulate low-quality ideas in order to maintain an institution's functions. These mechanisms become pathological when they are repurposed to suppress truth, research, and innovation that may upset or drastically alter the institution's structure, ultimately in betrayal of its purpose.


Starting a Project

First you have an idea, then it becomes a project. Make something of substance or show how previous work will help you make meaningful contributions.

Archived/Completed Projects

Projects that have been completed or remained long inactive are listed here. Projects that began in name only and showed no public development are removed from the wiki.