Slipping the DISC

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What is the DISC?[edit | edit source]

DISC stands for: Distributed Idea Suppression Complex

This is the DISC:

Don’t ask your questions.

Don’t admit you don’t understand.

Don’t question experts.

Don’t listen to heterodoxy.

Don’t associate with iconoclasts.

Don’t befriend the other party.

Don’t criticize your own fringe.

Don’t self-promote.

Don’t be gauche.

Die silently.

-Eric Weinstein

Portal Episode 18: Slipping The DISC

DISC Examples[edit | edit source]

List of Examples

Eric's Twitter Threads[edit | edit source]

This is the DISC

Jamie Dimon/Len Bole. David Baltimore/Margot O’Toole. Biden/Yang. Institutions/Individuals

A hyper specific allegation that the @NSF and GUIRR inside the @theNASEM in 1986 directed an internal economic analysis to figure out how much they would have to pay STEM workers in the future.

Chavez Ravine

@ScottSantens' compilation of #YangMediaBlackout examples

DNC's online “counter disinformation team” overseen by a former Hillary Clinton campaign staffer.

Peer Review

Other Examples[edit | edit source]

Joseph Parrish: Encountering the DISC in the Democratic Party

How do we Slip the DISC?[edit | edit source]

Where we start