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These are projects aimed at building software solutions to at a minimum detect Russell Conjugations (emotive conjugations).

  • Emotive Conjugation Explorer (Lead: ConceptHut)- The Emotive Conjugation Explorer is a tool that will first detect Emotive Conjugations of articles within an internet browser. Then various features of the tool will help the user explore the emotive conjugations in many different aspects.
  • Emotive Conjugation Detector (Lead: Konstantine) - Description goes here.

Goals[edit | edit source]

  • How do we make the concepts in this paper more accessible to people?
  • What shape would a tool take to accomplish this?
  • What value can we create with this tool?
  • How do we turn it into a system/ecosystem/community/entity/mvp that sustainably provides value?
  • What's a catchy name for this project?

Project Name Candidates[edit | edit source]

  • decolouring book/ page(s)
  • desaturating glass
  • decolourer/ desaturator
  • bullshit detector
  • puffery

Resources[edit | edit source]

Previous Attempts[edit | edit source]

Sub-Projects[edit | edit source]

These are projects aimed at doing something relevant to Russel Conjugations (emotive conjugations).

  • Emotive Conjugation Wikipedia Page Rewrite (ConceptHut)- The emotive conjugations page on Wikipedia doesn't do a very good job of explaining what emotive conjugations are or how they work. There is some research being done to understand it in more detail so that the page can be rewritten effectively so that anyone can understand it easily.