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The Portal Transcripts (Transcript Completion Project)
Topic The Portal Podcast
Leader pyrope#5830
Start Date 31 January 2020
Methodology Transcript Workflow
Google Drive Drive
Portal Media Spreadsheet Sheet
Style Guide Google Doc
Website The Portal Blog
Discord Link
The Portal Group Discord Link
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The Portal Transcripts is a project to create full transcripts of all episodes of The Portal Podcast and media featuring Eric Weinstein. We use to generate transcripts from media and match speakers to text, and then we edit them in Google Docs. Completed transcripts are posted to The Portal Blog and The Portal Wiki.

For our methodology and progress, see our Transcript Workflow and our progress tracking spreadsheet.



This is a list of resources used in the project.

Transcription Tools[edit]

  • - Our preferred transcript generation tool.
  • Descript - No longer preferred, though previously and sometimes still used.

Meta Resources[edit]

  • Google Drive - This Google Drive folder contains transcripts
  • Progress Tracking Spreadsheet - This spreadsheet contains information on the status of each transcript.
  • Style Guide - This style guide covers the general formatting and rules we use to edit transcripts.

Wiki Resources[edit]

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