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This is only for quotes of things said during the show. the main purpose is having quotes of the guests, but quotes from Eric are also welcome (be sure to add them to Eric Weinstein Quotes as well).

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Ep. 40: Introducing The Portal Essay Club - What if everyone is simply insane?[edit]

Ep. 39: Kimberly de la Cruz[edit]

Ep. 38: A Portal Q&A[edit]

Ep. 37: Andrew Marantz[edit]

Ep. 36: Stephon Alexander[edit]

Ep. 35: Balaji Srinivasan[edit]

Ep. 34: Zev Weinstein[edit]

00:02:16, Eric Weinstein : "We are losing a sense that our central tastes are shared and so we are looking to control each other through the appeal to rights, rules and laws."

Ep. 33: Josh Wolfe[edit]

Ep. 32: J. D. Vance[edit]

Ep. 31: Ryan Holiday[edit]

Ep. 30: Ross Douthat[edit]

Ep. 29: Jamie Metzl[edit]

Ep. 28: Eric Lewis[edit]

Ep. 27: Daniel Schmachtenberger[edit]

Ep. 26: James O’Keefe[edit]

Ep. 25: The Construct: Jeffrey Epstein[edit]

Ep. 24: Kai Lenny[edit]

Ep. 23: Agnes Callard[edit]

Ep. 22: Ben Greenfield[edit]

Ep. 21: Ashley Mathews[edit]

Ep. 20: Sir Roger Penrose[edit]

Ep. 19: Bret Weinstein[edit]

Ep. 18: Slipping the DISC[edit]

Ep. 17: Anna Khachiyan[edit]

Ep. 16: Tyler Cowen[edit]

Ep. 15: Garrett Lisi[edit]

Ep. 14: London Tsai[edit]

00:03:40, London Tsai : "Once I discovered mathematics, I found that it was more artistic than anything that I'd ever seen before."

Ep. 13: Garry Kasparov[edit]

Ep. 12: Vitalik Buterin[edit]

Ep. 11: Sam Harris[edit]

Ep. 10: Julie Lindahl[edit]

Ep. 9: Bryan Callen[edit]

Ep. 8: Andrew Yang[edit]

Ep. 7: Bret Easton Ellis[edit]

Ep. 6: Jocko Willink[edit]

Ep. 5: David Wolpe[edit]

00:21:26 , David Wolpe : "The word revolution has both meanings. It means to change everything. It also means to come around again in a circle. And what purists almost always discover is that human structures are much harder to overhaul than they suspected at the beginning. And also, I thought of a there's a beautiful quote from William Stafford, who's a poet about about this danger, he said, If you purify the pond The water lilies die. And I always thought there are, you know, this was Burke's insight there are human institutions grow for lots of reasons and nobody has a comprehensive enough intellect to understand if you radically change them with all the implications of that change will be. So you have to change carefully. Not and without, without contempt for everything that has come before you."

Ep. 4: Timur Kuran[edit]

Ep. 3: Werner Herzog[edit]

00:21:56, Werner Herzog : "And he [Jesse Ventura] said: Win if you can, lose if you must, but always cheat."

Ep. 2:[edit]

Ep. 1: Peter Thiel[edit]

02:26:08, Peter Thiel : "You could say a nation state contains violence in both senses of the word contain. Because it contains it as it limits it, it channels it in certain ways, but then it's also part of its very being."