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Portal Mobile App

Project Manager[edit]

Dmitry: dratushnyy#4152

Team Members[edit]

  • dratushnyy#4152

Prod URL[edit]

Dev URL[edit]

GitHub URL[edit]

Private repo on github.com


A mobile application for the podcast.

Long Description[edit]

A mobile application for the podcast.

The list of planned (possible) features:

  • Podcast player
  • Visualisation (physical objects/math models, etc, or for example, art by London Tsai using AR/3D)
  • List of resources for learning

The application is developing using flutter/dart

However, the visualization part, and, maybe some learning resources, probably should be done with Unity


Podcast episodes list.png
Learning resources.png

Demo video[edit]

Android (Pixel 3 device) demo

iOS (iPhone 8 emulator) demo

Cover Image[edit]