31: Ryan Holiday - Conspiracy, Manipulation & other Pastimes

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Conspiracy, Manipulation & other Pastimes
Guest Ryan Holiday
Length 02:26:59
Release Date 23 April 2020
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Ryan Holiday is a master manipulator with a cool head, and keen eye for social observation and a big heart. Eric sits down with the Author of "Conspiracy" and tries to get a self-confessed former manipulator and one of the top emerging millennial social analysts to tell us how he unweaves society's artifices to see what is really driving our current moment across many areas.

Ryan is a unique voice who uses stoicism to remain intellectually detached but without seemingly succumbing to emotional or moral disinterest in the issues of our day. With a background in marketing and media. he has gone beyond mere vice signaling to try to help people see how open they are to having their own media and digital habits weaponized against them. In some ways, one could say that he has migrated from grey-hat mind hacker to a white hat analyst and conversationalist helping us to better understand ourselves using ancient wisdom in a modern moment.

This interview was recorded slightly before the quarantining and so is interesting to think of in light of what is about to happen.

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