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* [[New Project Page Example]]
* [[New Project Page Example]]

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The projects.theportal.wiki webpage is auto-generated from the following pages. The portal community has several projects that we are actively working on. If you know of a project that isn't on this list, please add it!

Mission Statement

  • The goal of this is to present completed work and connect volunteers to projects.
  • Nurturing new projects and bringing them to life.
  • First you have an idea, then it becomes a project.




New Ideas

Add your new ideas here!

Creating a New Project Page

The project pages are set up very purposefully to be machine-readable in order to generate the Projects website, so they need to follow a specific format. Here is an example empty project. Any time we create a new project, we can follow this template. At some point we'll need to better explain why everything is set up the way it is.

Category Tags

  • Completed
  • Deliverable
  • Needs helpers

Fields to be Added to Project Pages

  • How do I contact the project manager?