The Realignment 134 - Dr. Eric Weinstein: What Happens Now (YouTube Content)

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Dr. Eric Weinstein: What Happens Now?
20210617 The-Realignment-134 Dr-Eric-Weinstein-What-Happens-Now.jpg
Host(s) Saagar Enjeti
Marshall Kosloff
Guest(s) Eric Weinstein
Length 01:04:37
Release Date 16 June 2021
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Dr. Eric Weinstein: What Happens Now? was episode 134 of The Realignment podcast, hosted by Saagar Enjeti and Marshall Kosloff with guest Eric Weinstein.


Dr. Eric Weinstein, host of “The Portal” podcast and managing director at Thiel Capital, makes his third Realignment appearance to discuss where Marshall and Saagar should take The Realignment and Breaking Points, returning heterodox viewpoints to institutions, and why and how those who’ve tried to do so have failed so far.


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