The Physics of UFOs - Eric Weinstein and Hal Puthoff (YouTube Content)

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The Physics of UFOs: Eric Weinstein + Hal Puthoff
Host(s) Jesse Michels
Guest(s) Eric Weinstein
Hal Puthoff
Length 00:58:21
Release Date 11 February 2022
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The Physics of UFOs: Eric Weinstein + Hal Puthoff was an interview with Eric Weinstein and Hal Puthoff by Jesse Michels on American Alchemy.


Eric Weinstein is a Managing Director at Thiel Capital, creator of geometric unity, a unified theory in physics, and the intellectual dark web, a loose coalition of intellectuals dedicated to free thought. Hal Puthoff is former CIA, NSA and AATIP (the government’s official UFO investigation program). In the 70’s, he oversaw Stargate: the government’s psychic spy program at Stanford Research Institute. In this conversation, we discuss the physics of UFO’s, private aerospace as the keepers of fundamental science and Hal’s experience with parapsychology. Please enjoy 🛸👽


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