If You Want to See How Deep the Mind Can Go, Watch This (YouTube Content)

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If You Want to See How Deep the Mind Can Go, Watch This
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Host(s) Tom Bilyeu
Guest(s) Eric Weinstein
Length 01:54:21
Release Date 9 January 2020
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If You Want to See How Deep the Mind Can Go, Watch This was an interview with Eric Weinstein by Tom Bilyeu on the Impact Theory podcast.


Sometimes a “learning disability” turns out to be a superpower. Sometimes traits that are labelled dumb or defective turn out to be necessary and brilliant. Eric Weinstein is someone who was told throughout his schooling that there was something wrong with him. No. There was (and is) something wrong with the system. On this episode of Conversations with Tom, Eric Weinstein delves into exactly what’s wrong with our education and economic system. While doing so, he also delivers some fantastic tactics and secrets on how to optimize your own learning and mindset. By the time Tom and Eric are finished with their discussion, you might start to consider the possibility that the Matrix really was a documentary after all.


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