Glitch in the Matrix II, The Origin of the Intellectual Dark Web (YouTube Content)

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Inside the Intellectual Dark Web, Eric Weinstein
Glitch in Matrix II Cover.jpg
Host(s) David Fuller
Guest(s) Eric Weinstein
Jordan Peterson
Heather Heying
Douglas Murray
Length 00:44:40
Release Date 30 January 2019
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Glitch in the Matrix II, The Origin of the Intellectual Dark Web was a documentary based around an interview with Eric Weinstein by David Fuller on Rebel Wisdom.


The phrase 'Intellectual Dark Web' was first coined by mathematician Eric Weinstein in early 2018, it quickly spread. Was this just a chance remark, or was there a plan?

This film explains how the creation of the Intellectual Dark Web was part of a long term strategy, and sketches out Eric's account of the history, and the future of the project.


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