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Please excuse any social clumsiness that is attributed to creating this thread. I am unfamiliar with Wiki-Interfaces, and was previously looking for hoping for a discord link which seems to be inactive currently (I read the notes on the issue related to this). I suppose since I don't have a Wiki account anonymity can be an ally here as I have an interesting question that doesn't need to be attached to a name or validated through a source of it's related attachment, because it's a question of being and more an introspective consideration, or at least I hope it may be perceived that way here.

Watching the Roger Penrose episode, and the discussion of Spinors, as well as the mentions of Mobius Strips I was inspired to think of the multidimensionality of these simplistic/devious forms of math/geometry. The basics of these Spinors seems straightforward, but the process of creating a mobius strip or torus without making cuts/crosses (knotwork), or without making a cut/cross in a physical object (outside of shaping an object from a solid state, like a marble statuary) begs the introspection of how these objects, orbits, or phases can exist within probabilistic space, or virtual space; quantum in nature or not.

The initial thought is without a cross, or a change in the physical form of the substance (ex: making a paper mobius strip with scissors and tape) how is it possible to make matter take on the properties of a mobius strip; and then how do we scale this down to a procedural actions of a fermion, or subatomic particle/waveform function? How do we impose geometric mathematics on a particle in such a way that it is multidimensionally effected, yet simplistically viewable in the 3-D(+ Time), viewable space/visualization?

The question then serendipitously arrived as a comparative analysis of optical illusions, appearing as mathematical process (which Penrose continues to discuss later in the podcast), but instead of latching to heavily onto what was discussed, the question of "What if these Spinors, mathematically, and 'physically', however applicable; Aren't in a homogeneous phase with the other subset of variables?". What if there are such things as electromagnetic phase illusions; where objects, or particles appear to be dimensionally in phase but instead are a complimentary antithetical phase, and the spinor (mathematically) is the process of inverting this phase illusion in order to compare it's true nature with other previously considered in-phase objects/values. (Summation the mathematical nature of spinors is more of a governing principal of naturally occurring anti-particles that appear like non-antiparticles through a phase illusion that allows them to exist within this dimension based on spinor geometry; the spinor geometry being the governing function process of reverting the particle/waveform through dimensional space; converting higher dimensional geometry particles into lower generation, lower dimensional particle/waveform states).

More simply, how is it that we can watch a car drive down the highway at a specific speed, and yet it's wheels appear to spin backwards? We know the wheels are moving forwards, and yet we SEE the wheels moving backwards; and it was this comparison that I realized the potential nature of Spinors, and how they act mathematically, and as a feature of the dynamics of the quanta.

The Spinor is behaving as a force from the dimension beyond the torus (mobius strip), and can be mathematically accounted for as the transitionary force on the torus at the point of it's transition from "Point A-Point B", where the strip ceases to be a "naturally occurring, non-cross state". If the spinor is forcing the composition of matter, and quanta through a lens of dimensional physics that can be quantified; as mentioned in the podcast by Weinstein when referencing the 2-D spectrum as (2^D/2); then this situational reference could account for the point (mathematically) where the inversion of the surface ceases to be within the confines of the dimension that it finds itself; much like... the point at which contact between physical, and shadow is met.

I hope I did not waste anyone's time with this thought, but I thought it was an interesting visualization of what was discussed. If I misinterpreted the information I apologize.