Broken Mice, Epstein & the DISC, Bret & Eric Weinstein (YouTube Content)

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Broken Mice, Epstein & the DISC, Bret & Eric Weinstein
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Host(s) David Fuller
Guest(s) Eric Weinstein
Bret Weinstein
Length 01:00:22
Release Date 4 March 2018
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Broken Mice, Epstein & the DISC, Bret & Eric Weinstein was an interview with Eric Weinstein and Bret Weinstein by David Fuller on Rebel Wisdom.


Does the response to the Jeffrey Epstein story, and the tale of the broken mice mean that journalism is broken?

Recently Bret and Eric Weinstein put out a hugely popular podcast about a scientific discovery that calls into question the entire process of drug safety ('All Our Mice Are Broken' Episode 19 of The Portal).

They say that over 20 years of trying to get interest in this story, the response from the medical and media establishment has been silence. Eric has termed this phenomenon the Distributed Idea Suppression Complex, or DISC.

In this conversation with Rebel Wisdom's David Fuller, Bret and Eric lay out the story of the broken mice, and the response to their conversation, and also discuss the unanswered questions at the heart of the Jeffrey Epstein case.


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