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== Title ==
The Portal mobile application
|project=Portal Mobile App
|topic=[[The Portal Podcast]]
|startdate=28 April 2020
|link4=[https://discord.gg/RsbCyHn Invite]

== Project Manager ==
A mobile application for [[The Portal Podcast]]. The application is being developed on a private GitHub repo using [http://flutter.dev/ flutter] and [http://dart.dev/ dart]. However, the visualization part, and maybe some learning resources may be done with [https://unity.com/ Unity].

== Team Members ==
== Goals ==
* Podcast player
* Visualisation (physical objects/math models, etc,  or for example, art by [https://www.londontsai.com/drawing London Tsai] using AR/3D)
* List of resources for learning

== Prod URL ==
== Screenshots & Demos ==
[https://www.youtube.com/embed/PHt0psP-N-s Android (Pixel 3 device) demo]

== Dev URL ==
[https://youtu.be/Lqsam4ydqfU iOS (iPhone 8 emulator) demo]
<gallery mode="slideshow" heights="400">
File:Podcast episodes list.png
File:Episode page.png
File:Learning resources.png

== GitHub URL ==
== Members ==
* dratushnyy#4152

== Description ==
A mobile application for the podcast.
The planned  (possible) list of features:
* Podcast player
* Visualisation
  Physical objects/Math models, etc,  or for example, art by [https://www.londontsai.com/drawing London Tsai] using AR/3D
* List of resources for learning
== Cover Image ==
[[File:Podcast episodes list.png|thumb]]
[[File:Episode page.png|thumb|Episode]]
[[File:Learning resources.png|thumb]]

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