Double Island Rules

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Hello, this is Eric with a few initial thoughts before this week's episode. First, I want to briefly discuss a pair of mistakes and omissions on my part. To begin with, we released a portal special episode recently about a speculative theory of physics called geometric unity, which was partially recorded on April 1. We did this so as to make use of the opportunity to attempt to repurpose the tired and increasingly irritating April Fool's tradition, of which many of us have grown bored. I had intended to single out and call particular attention to a man who is very important to the geometric unity theory, as well as the portal project itself. This is a man I think of as my uncle and who means the world to my family, Michael W. Brown, former farmer and commercial fishermen who became the CFO of Microsoft and then the head of the NASDAQ. years ago, during the financial crisis, Mike invited me and my family to take over his two small islands in the Puget Sound archipelago and lead a renegade research oriented science camp. We did this every Some of their for many years and these islands now under new ownership are in fact the origin of the so called double Island rules that we discussed from time to time, which allowed us to get past issues of ego and miscommunication between intellectual and domain specific silos. In any event, we that is I rushed to get the episode out for April 1. And in my haste, I forgot to include the segment of special things due to Mike for a level of generosity, wisdom, selflessness, risk taking leadership and brilliance that honestly i'd previously only seen in movies. I will try to have Mike on the portal at some point. But I wanted to say that his unwavering support of scientists attempting to work outside of and around traditional channels in physics, biology, economics and other subjects has been nothing short of inspirational to me. So Mike, if you're listening out there, please come through the portal. --ep 31 (Ryan Holiday)
These are dark times, indeed, and we still need great leaders like you to remind us all of how it's done.