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What's going on here?[edit]

We're a group of people who make things. We all found each other through Eric Weinstein.

What are you making?[edit]

Eric has a lot of ideas swirling around in his head. We take those ideas and help make them tangible.

Where do I start?[edit]

First, notice all the channels in here. Go explore! See what we're up to! (Look to your upper left and find the menu that shows all the channels.)

Most of the channels say, "You do not have permission..." How do I get access to write?[edit]

You need to be approved first.

How do I get approved?[edit]

Make something. Or show us something you've made. Share in the #lobby-and-introductions channel.

What else should I do?[edit]

Tell us about your skills and interests on our users page: https://users.theportal.wiki/

What is the #lobby-and-introductions channel for?[edit]

It's a channel just for newbs to introduce themselves and tell us what projects they want to work on. Regular users don't usually talk in there. It's mainly for us to get to know newbs and connect them to projects.

What project do you want me to work on?[edit]

You get to decide. You are the master of your own destiny, friend.

How do I find the list of existing projects?[edit]

Look for the "Active Projects" category in the channel list on the left and see what's happening in there.

What projects should and shouldn't be in this Discord?[edit]

The Portal Projects Discord was made directly in response to Eric's request for a central repository for projects relating to The Portal. Projects that exist here need to fit reasonably within that framework.

Where can I learn more about the community?[edit]

Check out our wiki! https://theportal.wiki/

Is there a place to just chat about each episode?[edit]

Yes! There are several Portal-related Discord servers you can check out: https://theportal.wiki/wiki/The_Portal_Discord_Servers


Go add your info to the users page! https://users.theportal.wiki/ And, introduce yourself in the #lobby-and-introductions channel!