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Getting started[edit source]

Hello[edit source]

KevB-ing (talk)--
I offered some responses to:
--21:56, 4 March 2020 (UTC)

Stolen from IDW LA Discord[edit source]

I like these. Putting these here for now, so I can figure out what I can do with them later.

If you believe someone is engaging in bad faith you have three responsibilities:

  • 1. Maintain a charitable attitude. (Ask questions in earnest about why they believe what they believe)
  • 2. Continue to engage in good faith. (Don’t stoop to their level)
  • 3. Attempt to steer the conversation in a productive direction. (eg. Steelman: ask for clarification and see if you can restate their argument in a way they would accept)
  • If you fail in those responsibilities, you should:
  • 4. Accept that you could not steer the conversation in a productive direction, leave the conversation for at least 1 hour.

Testing Images[edit source]


Old To-Do[edit source]

The page To Do was yours, but it doesn't seem to fit the wiki's current use. I've copied its content to here and commented it out, and deleted the page.

Aardvark 15:55, 1 November 2020 (UTC)

Old Meeting Notes[edit source]

The page Meeting Notes was yours, but it doesn't seem to fit the wiki's current use. I've copied its content here and deleted the page.

2020-02-03[edit source]

quick quick notes... with lots of errors, etc, but here you go:

   he really liked the hyperlinked wall and seeing actual work getting done (great job boqu!)
   we don't have to accept received wisdom rewrite the tome
   digital contributions in reddit. Remember it's important to leave your goddamn name on it so we can shout you out
   jesse producer
   science is "stagnating" more than tech
   lack of heterodox thinking
   decline of polymath interdomain thinking contributes to science slowdown, which effects tech slowdown
   breakthrough science is caught in pockets that don't get funding
   almost at a breakthrough but can't get funding
   vc money isnt' dumb but not that smart
   VCs often follow others
   you can't pattern match for outrageous genius
   we don't know what real genius looks like anymore (not just hollwood cliches)
   maybe vcs aren't even optimizing for not losing money (possible ponzi issues)
   mathemeticians find it hard to communicate...
   math books devoid of intuition. merely formal
   a huge difference between what we think we're saying and what we want to say
   monopoly on violence = government (it's hard to recognize the object from the description)
   rigor vs intuition (something worth tackling)
   ethan hammond
   naseem taleb black swans
   discovering revolutionary ideas in sex research
   some people are uncomfortable being on "popular" programs (naseem mentioned on twitter that he agreed)
   episode 19 was watched heavily, numerous tweets about it
   long telemeres specific to lab rodents, jax lab
   DISC, how real is it? what is its scope?