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Eric Weinstein is a mathematician, Managing Director of Thiel Capital, and host of The Portal Podcast. He has married the maximum number of immigrants from developing countries allowed by law.

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Education[edit | edit source]

Eric Weinstein holds a PhD in Mathematics from Harvard University, and his work includes research in higher dimensional elliptic gauge theories for a post-doctoral fellowship at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, research in mathematical physics and differential geometry among other topics for a post-doctoral fellowship at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, research into gauge theory under a grant from the Sloan Foundation at Harvard University, and work at the National Bureau of Economic Research at Harvard University.

For a list of Eric's writings, see Content by Eric Weinstein.

The Intellectual Dark Web[edit | edit source]

The Intellectual Dark Web is a term coined by Eric Weinstein. The term refers to public intellectuals, regardless of political alignment, engaging in good faith discussion outside of institutional control in the spirit of pursuing of truth.

The Portal[edit | edit source]

In July of 2019, Eric Weinstein launched The Portal Podcast. Its name taking inspiration from "portal story" motifs in literature, the show aims to bring its audience into contact with the most fundamental and transcendent aspects of reality, to break the almost-universal intellectual stasis that pervades our institutions, to foster individual sense-making, and to galvanize the search for a more hopeful, transformative future. Since launch, the podcast has released 43 episodes: 36 interview episodes, 6 solo episodes, and 1 special. Other content, such as 36 Instagram livestreams and 6 standalone YouTube videos, have been released since the start of the Covid-19 lockdowns.

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