What to do when a new episode airs

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There are many ways to help and contribute whenever a new episode up, or even whenever you watch an older one.

1. Add it to the Portal Player and update the wiki[edit]

we have a dedicated player for the portal which draws information from the wiki. to update it we need to update the wiki.

1.1: Update episode list[edit]

Go here and add it to the top of the list following the pattern of the other episodes

1.2 create a new page for it[edit]

Copy the template from another page and modify the content to fit the new episode

1.3 Update the last episode[edit]

Go to the page of the last episode and create a "next episode" button. you can copy the format from other episode pages, just make sure you use the right link!

1.4 When it's uploaded to YouTube[edit]

Make sure the the "watch" button appears in the episode's page and that it leads to the correct place. if not, add it!

2. While watching an episode you can add to these collections:[edit]

Create a transcript[edit]

follow these instructions