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A place to sketch out some user/editor/admin architecture.

(please elaborate responses to questions & points below on the associated discussion page)

1.) What subdomains are already in place?

  • Might it be a good idea to have separate subdomains for editor meta pages, admin meta pages, and also some more casual user/member/fan interaction pages?

2.) Can the prompt in response to a blank edit summary be enabled by default?

3.) What anti-spam measures are in place?

  • Perhaps setting to only email confirmed editors might be of use?
  • Possibly, in future, email confirmed and a self introduction on a welcome page?
(serves to both confirm humanity and indicate some minimal willingness/ability to communicate with others)

4.) Change default theme to something other than "Vector"? (might help visually distinguish from other wikis)

  • Timeless?
  • Timeless dark?

5.) Section numbers by default?

  • I find the default section/subsection font distinctions a bit vague sometimes, not sure if such holds for others though.

6.) Extensions

  • Flow/StructuredDiscussions ?
  • VisualEditor ?

7.) WikEd and/or some other advanced markup editing interface tweaks?

  • like syntax highlighting