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This page displays summary information of all content by Eric Weinstein and his guest appearances. New content that gets added here should also be added to The Portal Blog. If it's not on the blog, let us know!

Audio[edit | edit source]

For episodes of The Portal Podcast, see All Episodes.

Audio Guest Appearances[edit | edit source]

Outlet Title Link Air Date
The One With Greg Gutfeld Entering “The Portal” with Eric Weinstein Listen 2019-11-18
The James Altucher Podcast Ep. 472 - How to Question the World Around You & Find Your Core Theories (Part 2) Listen 2019-07-18
The James Altucher Podcast The Formula for Innovation (And How to Escape Your Own Restrictions) Listen 2019-07-16
The Intellectual Dark Web Podcast 037 - Sam Harris Live Town Hall with Eric Weinstein (May 2019) Listen 2019-06-04

Video[edit | edit source]

Eric's YouTube Channel[edit | edit source]

Eric's YouTube channel hosts video versions of The Portal Podcast, as well as shorter videos on other topics and YouTube livestream archives.

The Portal Podcast[edit | edit source]

# Title Link Air Date
29 Jamie Metzl on The Portal (with host Eric Weinstein) Ep. #029 – The Bio-Hacker will see you now Watch 2020-11-18
28 Eric Lewis on The Portal (with host Eric Weinstein), Ep. #028 - The Singular Genius of Elew Watch 2020-05-09
27 Daniel Schmachtenberger on The Portal (with host Eric Weinstein), Ep. #027 - On Avoiding Apocalypses Watch 2020-04-27
26 James O’Keefe on The Portal, Ep. #026 (w E Weinstein) - What is (and isn't) Journalism in the 21stC. Watch 2020-04-21
25 The Portal, Ep. #025 (solo with host Eric Weinstein), The Construct - Jeffrey Epstein Watch 2020-04-10
Special A Portal Special Presentation - Geometric Unity: A First Look Watch 2020-04-02
24 Kai Lenny on The Portal (with host Eric Weinstein), Ep. #024 - To Play and Flirt with Giants Watch 2020-03-16
23 Prof. Agnes Callard on The Portal, Ep. #023 - Courage, Meta-cognitive Detachment and Their Limits Watch 2020-03-11
22 Ben Greenfield on The Portal (w/ host Eric Weinstein), Ep. #022 - Wheat From Chaff in Human Fitness Watch 2020-03-11
21 Ashley Mathews (Riley Reid) on The Portal, Ep. #021 - The Mogul & Brains Behind America's Sweetheart Watch 2020-03-05
20 Roger Penrose on "The Portal" (w Eric Weinstein), Ep. #020 - Plotting the Twist of Einstein's Legacy Watch 2020-03-01
19 Bret Weinstein on "The Portal" (w/ host Eric Weinstein), Ep. #019 - The Prediction and the DISC Watch 2020-02-19
18 Eric Weinstein (Solo), Ep. #018 of The Portal - Slipping the DISC: State of The Portal/Chapter 2020 Watch 2020-02-13
17 Anna Khachiyan, Ep. #017 of The Portal (with Eric Weinstein) - Reconstructing The Mystical Feminine Watch 2020-02-06
16 Tyler Cowen on "The Portal", Ep. #016 (w/ Eric Weinstein) - The Revolution Will Not Be Marginalized Watch 2020-02-06
15 Garrett Lisi on "The Portal", Ep. #015 - My Arch-nemesis, Myself (with host Eric Weinstein) Watch 2020-02-03
14 London Tsai on “The Portal”, Ep. #014 - The Reclusive Dean of The New Escherians Watch 2020-01-25
13 Garry Kasparov on “The Portal”, Ep. #013 - Avoiding Zugzwang in AI and Politics Watch 2019-12-18
12 Vitalik Buterin on “The Portal”, Ep. #012 - The Ethereal Prince and His Virtual Machine Watch 2019-12-11
11 Sam Harris on “The Portal” with host Eric Weinstein, Ep. #011 - Fighting with Friends Watch 2019-12-10
10 Julie Lindahl on “The Portal”, Ep. #010 - Shaking the poisoned fruit of shame out of the family tree Watch 2019-12-09
9 Bryan Callen on “The Portal”, Ep. #009 - Cracking Wise Watch 2019-11-29
8 Andrew Yang on “The Portal”, Episode #008: The Different Candidate the Media Wants You to Ignore Watch 2019-10-09
7 Bret Easton Ellis on “The Portal”, Episode #007: The Dark Laureate of Generation X Watch 2019-10-07
6 Jocko Willink on “The Portal”, Episode #006: “Jocko Willink: The Way of the Violent Intellectual” Watch 2019-09-19
5 Rabbi David Wolpe on “The Portal”, Episode #005: “So a Rabbi and an atheist walk into a podcast…” Watch 2019-09-18
4 Prof. Timur Kuran on “The Portal”, Episode #004: “The Economics of Revolution and Mass Deception.” Watch 2019-08-26
3 Werner Herzog on “The Portal”, Episode #003: “The Outlaw as Revelator” Watch 2019-07-31
2 “The Portal”, Episode #002: ‘What is “The Portal”?’ Watch 2019-09-06
1 Peter Thiel on “The Portal”, Episode #001: “An Era of Stagnation & Universal Institutional Failure.” Watch 2019-07-19

Other Videos[edit | edit source]

Title Link Air Date
Thoughts on the Science Shutdown Watch 2020-06-10
Lynching, Police Brutality, BLM and Defunding the Police: a Contrarian Reality Check Watch 2020-06-06
The N^2 Revolution and Black Lives Matter Watch 2020-06-05
Some Thoughts on Wokeness and Shame in light of events Watch 2020-06-04
Walking & Talking w/ Portal Audience Watch 2020-06-02
Eric Weinstein Live Stream Watch (YouTube) or Watch (Periscope) 2020-03-24
Glitch in the Matrix II, The Origin of the Intellectual Dark Web (filmed interview w Eric Weinstein) Watch 2019-01-30
Advice for Beginners: Choosing Your Arch-Nemesis to Last a Lifetime Watch 2018-09-21
Looking Beyond the Millennials: A brief discussion with my son Zev Weinstein at 13 Watch 2018-08-21
Why the “Intellectual Dark Web” has such a crazy name Watch 2018-06-07

Instagram[edit | edit source]

@ericrweinstein on Instagram. Eric broadcasted via Instagram Live or Instagram TV in 2020. The videos are sometimes but not always available after the stream: 24 hours for Instagram Live, and permanently for Instagram TV.

Title Link Air Date
Another Holiday Walk and Talk: Planet Portal Q & A and conversation with Portaloids Watch 2020-12-27
More walking and talking with Planet Portalians Watch 2020-12-23
Election Night Walk and Talk: Portal Nation discusses the possibilities of Election 2020 Watch 2020-11-03
Back Again to Walking and Talking Watch 2020-09-07
Talking and Walking with The Portal Audience Watch 2020-07-30
About to go through 100 days of 10k+ steps while losing 40Lbs Watch 2020-07-20
Walking and Talking again Watch 2020-07-19
Back to Walking and Talking with Portaloids Watch 2020-07-13
Talking and Walking again Watch 2020-07-01
Walking while Talking with The Portal Audience Watch 2020-06-28
Walk & Talk with Portal Audience Watch 2020-06-23
Short Walk and Talk with Portal Audience Watch 2020-06-22
Walking and Talking again Watch 2020-06-21
Short Walk and Talk with The Portal Audience Watch 2020-06-20
Walking and talking more with Portal Audience Members Watch 2020-06-16
Talking and Walking again with Portal Nation Watch 2020-06-15
More walking and talking with Portal Nation Watch 2020-06-14
Walking and Talking with Portal Audience Watch 2020-06-13
Early morning walk and talk with Planet Portal Watch 2020-06-10
Talking about Lynchings, BLM, and the calls to gut the Police Watch 2020-06-06
Walking and Talking with Planet Portal Watch 2020-06-06
Walking while Talking about Shame and Reevaluating Wokeness Watch 2020-06-05
Talking and walking with The Portal Audience Watch 2020-06-03
Walking and Talking: Q&A w Portal Nation Watch 2020-06-02
Walking before Curfew w Q & A Watch 2020-06-01
Trying to Talk Math & Physics with Portaloids Watch 2020-05-29
Walk and Kibbitz with Portal Nation Watch 2020-05-28
Talking, Walking and Kibbititzing Watch 2020-05-27
Walk & Talk w Singer James Young et al Watch 2020-05-25
Q&A with Prof B Keating and Others Watch 2020-05-24
More Walking and More Talking w Portaloids Watch 2020-05-22
Walk and Talk with @joshlbarnett et al Watch 2020-05-18
Addendum to Walk and Talk Watch 2020-05-16
Tonight’s Walk and Talk w Portaloids Watch 2020-05-16
Walking and Talking with Portaloids Watch 2020-05-15
Walk and Talk with The Mobile Portal Watch 2020-05-14

Instagram Guest Appearances[edit | edit source]

Outlet Title Link Air Date
George Marios Stream and Chat with Eric Weinstein Watch 2020-10-23
Eric Lewis Vibing with @ericrweinstein in the #QKS Watch 2020-10-22
Lex Fridman Bedtime with Lex & Eric Watch 2020-05-16

Periscope[edit | edit source]

Title Link Air Date
The Crank and the Knarc Watch 2020-05-04
Thoughts on where we are and why we are stuck. Also, the parable of Feynman and the Rogers Challenger Commission Watch 2020-04-25
Instutional credibility and Taking a few questions Watch 2020-04-06
Geometric Unity and the quest for unification in fundamental physics: April 1st edition Watch 2020-04-01
My issue with lying about Masks and PPE: explained Watch 2020-03-31
An Invitation Watch 2020-03-27
What Topics are you interested in that aren’t Corona Virus Related? Watch 2020-03-26
Talking about Covid, new physics and our need to get off this planet Watch 2020-03-23
Thoughts on the death of George Floyd Watch 2020-05-29
Some alternate thoughts on how to use this time Watch 2020-03-20
Eric Weinstein was live Watch 2020-03-19

Twitch[edit | edit source]

EricRWeinstein on

Title Link Air Date
Let’s talk triage. I am experimenting streaming with twitch Watch (Dead Link) 2020-03-22
I am experimenting with twitch. Come join me there and help me out as I attempt to figure out streaming on other platforms? Watch (Dead Link) 2020-03-21

Guest Appearances[edit | edit source]

Outlet Title Link Air Date
Into the Impossible (Dr. Brian Keating) Eric Weinstein & Garrett Lisi: Theories (& Experiments) of Everything LIVE! Watch 2021-01-21
The Glenn Beck Podcast Why Eric Weinstein Is Finally Talking to Glenn Beck - The Glenn Beck Podcast - Ep 93 Watch 2021-01-16
Rising Eric Weinstein: How To End The Business Model Of Division Watch 2021-01-15
The Realignment The Realignment Ep. 89: Eric Weinstein, Reckoning with Capitol Chaos and How to Save America Watch 2021-01-12
Into the Impossible (Dr. Brian Keating) Max Tegmark & Eric Weinstein in Conversation Watch 2020-12-31
Into the Impossible (Dr. Brian Keating) Eric Weinstein: Ask Me Anything! Watch 2020-12-04
Into the Impossible (Dr. Brian Keating) Nobel Prizewinner Frank Wilczek: Beautiful Questions God, Nobels, Imposters & the Power of Beauty Watch 2020-12-03
Into the Impossible (Dr. Brian Keating) Eric Weinstein: Imposter Syndrome, Donald Trump, & the Future of Theoretical Physics Watch 2020-11-21
Into the Impossible (Dr. Brian Keating) Sir Roger Penrose: Conformal Cyclic Cosmology, Black Holes Nobel Prize with Eric Weinstein Janna Levin Watch 2020-11-06
The Daily Wire Presidential Election 2020 LIVE Watch 2020-11-03
The Realignment The Realignment Ep. 70: Dr. Eric Weinstein, The Real Stakes of 2020 Watch 2020-11-02
Lex Fridman Podcast Eric Weinstein: On the Nature of Good and Evil, Genius and Madness Watch 2020-10-30
The Jolly Swagman Podcast An Ode To The Uncorrelated Thinker – Eric Weinstein – #100 Watch 2020-09-27
Into the Impossible (Dr. Brian Keating) Stephen Wolfram & Eric Weinstein: The Nature of Mathematical Reality Watch 2020-08-12
PBS Space Time Theory of Everything Controversies: Livestream Watch 2020-08-10
Articles of Unity (Bret Weinstein) Unity 2020 Campfire Discussion - Bret and Eric Weinstein Watch 2020-08-05
Verdict with Ted Cruz A Portal Into the Progressive Mind ft. Eric Weinstein – Ep. 39 Watch 2020-07-23
Rage Against the Brush (Justin Bua) Rage Against The Brush With BUA #28 - Eric Weinstein Watch 2020-07-11
Lions, Owls & Elephants RACISM, EPSTEIN & PHYSICS – Eric Weinstein & Mike Rashid Watch 2020-07-06
Better Left Unsaid Eric Weinstein on how he generates ideas, BLM's Marxism, and why he doesn't use nootropics Watch 2020-07-06
Rebel Wisdom Critics and the Intellectual Dark Web, Eric Weinstein (Sensemaking Series) Watch 2020-06-26
DarkHorse Podcast (Bret Weinstein) Bret Weinstein and Eric Weinstein: Fundamental Truth and How to Think About it Watch 2020-06-26
Into the Impossible (Dr. Brian Keating) Eric Weinstein Part 2: Parenting, Peak Prosperity, & Weinstein University Watch 2020-06-15
DarkHorse Podcast (Bret Weinstein) Science is Open Mic Night - With Eric Weinstein Watch 2020-06-10
Into the Impossible (Dr. Brian Keating) Eric Weinstein: Theories of Everything, Geometric Unity & Science’s Paths. Ep 49 Watch 2020-05-19
Lex Fridman Podcast Eric Weinstein: Geometric Unity and the Call for New Ideas, Leaders & Institutions Watch 2020-04-13
Joe Rogan Experience Joe Rogan Experience #1453 - Eric Weinstein Watch 2020-04-03
Rebel Wisdom Broken Mice, Epstein & the DISC, Bret & Eric Weinstein Watch 2020-03-04
The Jolly Swagman Podcast Eric Weinstein – #78 The Intellectual Wild South Watch 2020-02-06
Impact Theory (Tom Bilyeu) If You Want to See How Deep the Mind Can Go, Watch This Watch 2020-01-09
The Minimalists Can universal morality exist? Watch 2019-12-27
The Minimalists Ep. 212 – Community (with Eric Weinstein) Watch 2019-12-24
CoinDesk An Interview with Eric Weinstein Watch 2019-11-25
Art of Charm Finding Your Voice At Work Watch 2019-09-06
Art of Charm What is the “Intellectual Dark Web”? Watch 2019-08-16
Impaulsive Ep. 96 – ERIC WEINSTEIN IS THE SMARTEST MAN IN THE WORLD Watch 2019-07-03
Joe Rogan Experience Joe Rogan Experience #1320 - Eric Weinstein Watch 2019-07-03
Rebel Wisdom Quillette & The Intellectual Dark Web, Eric Weinstein Watch 2019-05-03
Lex Fridman Podcast Eric Weinstein: Revolutionary Ideas in Science, Math, and Society Watch 2019-03-20
Rebel Wisdom Glitch in the Matrix II, The Origin of the Intellectual Dark Web Watch 2019-01-30
Rebel Wisdom Inside the Intellectual Dark Web, Eric Weinstein Watch 2018-12-12
Pangburn A Day of Reckoning - 4 Watch 2018-11-26
Joe Rogan Experience Joe Rogan Experience #1203 - Eric Weinstein Watch 2018-11-16
Pangburn A Day of Reckoning - 2 Watch 2018-11-05
Pangburn A Day of Reckoning - 1 Watch 2018-10-25
Ayn Rand Institute Free Speech, Free Minds, Free Markets Watch 2018-10-13
Rubin Report What Is The Future of The Intellectual Dark Web? - Eric Weinstein Watch 2018-09-25
The Akira The Don Podcast Eric Weinstein Watch 2018-08-30
The Ben Shapiro Show Eric Weinstein – Sunday Special Ep. 11 Watch 2018-07-22
Rubin Report Jordan Peterson, Eric Weinstein, & Dave Rubin LIVE! Watch 2018-06-29
Rubin Report Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro, Eric Weinstein, and Dave Rubin LIVE! Watch 2018-06-29
End Well Pursuit Of Longevity: Fear Of Death Or Love Of Life? - Michael Hebb & Eric Weinstein Watch 2018-04-24
Rubin Report Brothers Together at Last (LIVE) - Eric Weinstein & Bret Weinstein Watch 2018-02-05
Consumer Technology Association CES 2018: The Future of News with Ben Shapiro, Eric Weinstein, and Sara Fischer Watch 2018-01-17
Making Sense with Sam Harris #112 - The Intellectual Dark Web with Eric Weinstein and Ben Shapiro Watch 2018-01-05
Big Think Why Can’t We Find the Theory of Everything? Einstein, Rogue Genius, String Theory Watch 2017-11-04
Joe Rogan Experience Joe Rogan Experience #1022 - Eric Weinstein Watch 2017-10-10
Rubin Report Trump, Mathematics, and the ‘Thinkuisition’ - Eric Weinstein Watch 2017-07-14
Big Think Capitalism 2.0 Will Include a Healthy Dose of Socialism Watch 2017-06-04
Big Think AI Can Now Self-Reproduce—Should Humans Be Worried? Watch 2017-05-22
Big Think Embrace Contradictory Ideas to Reach New Intellectual Heights Watch 2017-05-11
Big Think Genius Is Not about Excelling at Something—It’s about Doing Things Differently Watch 2017-05-04
Rubin Report On Fake News, Trump, and the Mathematical Mind - Eric Weinstein Watch 2017-01-06
Institute for New Economic Thinking Let’s be Honest About Mathematics Watch 2016-08-19
Institute for New Economic Thinking Is Technology Killing Capitalism Watch 2016-08-17
Making Sense with Sam Harris #41 - Faith in Reason (with Eric R. Weinstein) Watch 2016-08-01
The Tim Ferriss Show Eric Weinstein Interview (Full Episode) Watch 2016-01-30
TED TEDxYouth@Hillsborough: A radical take on education Watch 2015-01-20
Palo Alto Prize Eric Weinstein Watch 2014-11-10
Institute for New Economic Thinking Economic Thinking In A Fallible World Watch 2014-06-22
Institute for New Economic Thinking The Economics of Radical Uncertainty Watch 2014-04-25
Fields Institute Towards a Mathematics of New Economic Thinking for Reflexive Markets Watch 2013-11-02
Institute for New Economic Thinking What Math and Physics Can Do for New Economic Thinking Watch 2013-10-30
Stanford University Systems Architecture, Kabuki Capitalism, and the Economic Manhattan Project Watch 2013-06-21
Asia Global Institute How Asia Could Foster Genius Watch 2013-04-16
Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics A Science Less Dismal: Welcome to the Economic Manhattan Project Watch 2009-01-05
Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics Panel Discussion: Nouriel Roubini, Nassim Taleb, Richard Freeman, Eric Weinstein Watch 2009-01-05
Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics Sheldon Glashow Owes me a Dollar (and 17 years of interest) Watch 2008-09-11
Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics Gauge Theory and Inflation: Enlarging the Wu-Yang Dictionary Watch 2006-05-24

Articles and Literature[edit | edit source]

Authored[edit | edit source]

Type Title Link Published
Paper Migration For The Benefit of All: Towards a New Paradigm for Migrant Labor (Content) Read International Labor Review, Vol. 141 (2002), No. 3, pg. 225
Study How and Why Government, Universities, and Industry Create Domestic Labor Shortages of Scientists and High-Tech Workers (Content) Read National Bureau of Economic Research (1998)
Dissertation Extension of Self Dual Yang-Mills equations across the 8th dimension (Content) Read Harvard University (1992)

Co-Authored[edit | edit source]

Type Title Link Co-Authors Published
Chapter Phantom Prices & Liquidity: The Nuisance Of Translucence (Content) Read Adil Abdulali, Leslie Rahl Chapter Eight of "A Guide to Fund of Hedge Funds Management and Investment" (2002), L. Rahl, Editor, AIMA
Article Hedge fund transparency: quantifying valuation bias for illiquid assets (Content) Read Adil Abdulali RISK Magazine, June 2002, pg. S25
Article Competition and Careers in Biosciences (Content) Read Richard Freeman, Elizabeth Marincola, Janet Rosenbaum, Frank Solomon Science Magazine (2001)
Thesis The Index Number Problem: A Differential Geometric Approach (Content) Read Pia Malaney Harvard University (1996)

Features[edit | edit source]

Type Title Topic Link Published
Book Tools of Titans: The Tactics, Routines, and Habits of Billionaires, Icons, and World-Class Performers Placeholder Link Tim Ferriss 2016
Book The Physics of Wall Street: A Brief History of Predicting the Unpredictable Section on Eric Weinstein and Pia Malaney Link James Owen Weatherall 2014[edit | edit source]

Question Answer Link Year
What is the Last Question? The Last Question Read 2018
What Scientific Term or Concept Ought to Be More Widely Known? Russell Conjugation Read 2017
What Do You Consider the Most Interesting Recent (Scientific) News? What Makes It Important? Anthropic Capitalism And The New Gimmick Economy Read 2016
What Scientific Idea Is Ready for Retirement? M-theory / String Theory is the Only Game in Town Read 2014
What *Should* We Be Worried About? Excellence Read 2013
What is Your Favorite Deep, Elegant, or Beautiful Explanation? Einstein's Revenge: The New Geometric Quantum Read 2012
What Scientific Concept Would Improve Everybody's Cognitive Toolkit? Kayfabe Read 2011
How is the Internet Changing the Way You Think? Go Virtual Young Man Read 2010

Quora[edit | edit source]

Question Answer Link Date
In Kung Fu Panda, how does Po end up developing the capability to be an awesome Kung Fu fighter? How does he shift from being a total fat slob to becoming capable of defeating Tai Lung? Self-teaching Read 2013-5-31
What is Gauge Theory (intuitively)? Rise over an endogenous run Read 2012-12-12
What are some of the most badass photos ever taken? Robert Overacker Read 2012-12-10
Was Feynman right when he said "If you give more money to theoretical physics,” he added, “it doesn’t do any good if it just increases the number of guys following the comet head"? Response to Second Half of Feynman's Quote Read 2012-10-12
Movie Lists: What are the most guy-friendly chick flicks of all time? What differentiates them from more traditional romantic comedies? Kill Bill Read 2011-12-06
What does it feel like to have an answer collapsed for the first time? The Wisdom of Crowds Read 2011-11-19
What is the best thing to do if I'm carrying an abstract algebra book around, and someone thinks I'm doing remedial algebra? It is not an issue Read 2011-11-02
Why does an economy need derivatives? To transfer uncertainty from those who require stability to those with an ability to bear and manage risk Read 2011-10-27
What should one do to combat the despair that comes with the realization that one will, someday soon, die without knowing even the basics of the nature of 97% of the matter and energy in the universe? Learn differential geometry Read 2011-10-11
What is Occupy Wall Street about? 'You lead when no one else would.' Read 2011-10-06
What's the hardest instrument to play? The Sarangi Read 2011-09-27
What are some good ways to insult an American? Their shoes Read 2011-09-03
What is the greatest entrance in cinema history? Tim Curry's Dr. Frank-N-Furter Read 2011-07-17
What does it feel like to read a groundbreaking academic paper? A secular experience which feels religious in its nature Read 2011-06-23
What are some of the most epic photos ever taken? The landing photograph from Titan Read 2011-04-28

Sources of Content[edit | edit source]