The Square Root of Capitalism

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The square root of negative one is a way of jumping off of the number line and into a new dimension. Once you start to explore this new territory, you realize how fruitful it is.

Is there a way of looking at capitalism in a similar way? Is there an undiscovered dimension that we're missing that could help us to reframe our current economic theories and see a larger solution space?

Perhaps the most important concept that everybody first needs to understand is the following: "Nothing ever comes for free."[1]

Once that important publicly known concept is grasped to satisfaction, we may consider proceeding as follows: in order to get useful answers to problems, we need first to ask the right questions[2]. Appropriate questions likely useful in this regard are:

  1. Why do wealthy entities always give a sizeable proportion of their profits to non-profit organizations (which is generally considered a good thing), in line with advices given in some ancient scriptures, even though this is not required by law? [3].
  2. Why is such a huge proportion of the financial industry profit-driven and reliant on interest rates for the purpose of creating yet more money?[4]

Instead of charging interest, perhaps we need to shift our focus towards the general good for the public (i.e. stabilizing the economy) and endeavour upon this goal in a gradual yet decisive and responsible fashion.[5]

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