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A quick way into The Portal Group Discord server is contribution. Here are things we need help with.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Helpful Tasks

This is the spot for those who don't have expertise in STEM, or are busy with life, but still want to help us. Whether you have only 5 minutes or unlimited time and energy, you can help us and the community.

Explore and Catalog

Transcript Editing

Wiki Editing
  • Write a strong, one-sentence description of ideas on their wiki pages
  • Rewrite disorganized pages on the wiki
  • Build out pages that are stubs (underdeveloped).


Help to retell the story of our sciences to new generations of students

  • Read
  • Make a visualization from calculations in what you've read


  • Request visualizations of principles or constructions
  • Outline sequences of thought to reach a particular idea


  • Write pages on hard physical problems independent of mathematics


  • Onboarding to CAD for mechanical engineering
  • Contribute to realizable engineering challenge ideas to improve our world


Build a useful piece of software.

Data Visualization (d3-js, chart-js, p5-js)

Discord Bots (JavaScript)

  • Discord Pin Archive + Management Bot
  • Bot that cross posts from Eric's Instagram to the server
  • Bot that relays messages across servers

Instragram Bots

  • Bot that cross posts from Eric's Instagram to the server


Twitter Bots

  • Twitter Archival Bot
  • Twitter Bot that responds to tweets from Eric containing keywords with wiki articles.

Be Creative

Show us what you got!


  • Learn a silly or fun drinking song, and record yourself playing or singing it, preferably with friends from The Portal
  • Make a song that incorporates the podcast's music

Visual Art


  • Write an essay, blog post, or twitter thread on a topic covered on The Portal.