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Humankind has lived in Game A since we have escaped the Dunbar limit. Humankind has never seen or fully imagined Game B. People like Daniel Schmachtenberger, Jamie Wheal, and Jordan Hall speak about this process of dialogue and its risks on Rebel Wisdom. A fundamental shift from adversarial processing to opponent processing.

Resources Eric Weinstein & Daniel Schmachtenberger on The Portal [ep27]

Bret Weinstein & Jim Rutt

Jordan Hall on Rebel Wisdom

What is Game B?

On Game~B (crowdsourced document)

The Game B wiki:

Game B on reddit:

Questions to answer in this page - What is Game B? - What is the history of Game B? - Why is there disagreement in the Game B community?

Actionable Items

Designing a new 'Red Pill' Goal: create a portal to Game B that a larger portion of the population of earth can enter - create a red pill more people can swallow