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Where can I discuss the Portal with like-minded people?[edit]

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (on the Portal Discord)[edit]

Initially raw from Discord via the #faq channel in The Portal – Unofficial Discord

What is the current project?[edit]

The GWT project is one of the many projects Eric has assigned to this group. It stands for Graph - Wall - Tome, which are three key artifacts in the physics community. To find out more, check out #gwt-project

What other projects are there?[edit]

There are too many projects to list here, ongoing ones include transcribing and adding references & sources to each of the episodes of the podcast. Check out #projects for more information.

When does Eric come in here (to the Discord)?[edit]

Eric comes in most days, he seems to not mind us.

Why can't we have a channel for every topic under the sun?[edit]

With over 2000 members, there is always discussion going on. Having a channel for every topic would quickly get out of hand and push us away from focusing on projects. If you’d like to talk about non-portal and non-project related subjects, you can do so in the #general and #off-topic channels.

Why are there limited voice channels?[edit]

Some of the members here find it easier to have discussions in small numbers, and Eric also enjoys having smaller conversations sometimes. Moderators may pop in and out to make sure the discourse is healthy, and will actively avoid trying to move conversations to larger channels to not break the flow of conversation. We must learn to not treat every conversation here like a precious resource, and instead like the rooms in a house. This includes conversations with Eric.

How to get permalinks for Discord comments?[edit]

Where can I find my User/Server/Message ID?