Theory of Death

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Notes from Truth[edit]

- convex hull approach. look at all the weird species/examples which come close to doing something extreme. see how they fail.

   - hydra. low level organism effectively immortal. sexual version senseces, asexual version has immortality. what does that tell us about sexuality, death, and senescence?
   - immortal jelly fish
   - lobsters appear to undergo obligate growth. keep growing or die.
   - syndrome X
   - progeriate.
   - peter's/ petos? paradox
   - long-lived aquatic live. greenland sharks, whales, things that fly, big animals.
   - systems in which we don't get cancer. we don't get heart/neural cancer. very low rates of mitosis repair
   - brisstle cone pines
   - salamanders and neuts
   - rhisomes. quaking aspin.

List of Extremophiles[edit]

  • ...