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Project Summary[edit | edit source]

The Emotive Conjugation Explorer is a tool that will first detect Emotive Conjugations of articles within an internet browser. Then various features of the tool will help the user explore the emotive conjugations in many different aspects.

Project Manager[edit | edit source]


Team Members[edit | edit source]


  • Product Producer: extremerogue#2506

Old days:

  • Programmer: HanGC#0080
  • HanGC#0080's business partner (Don't have username currently available)

Prod URL[edit | edit source]

Not currently available.

Dev URL[edit | edit source]

GitHub URL[edit | edit source]

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Documentation URL[edit | edit source]

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Description[edit | edit source]

Russel Conjugations or Emotive Conjugations are word selections based off a person's biases about whatever is being spoken about.

These emotion conjugations are often integrated into mainstream news in print and video forms.

The projects are the following:

1. Effectively and sufficiently explain what emotive conjugations are and how they are used in the Wikipedia and website page.

2. Build out a browser extension that detects the conjugations, highlights them, and allows a person to modify the terms themselves to be neutral or flipped even.

Long Description[edit | edit source]

Not currently available.

Cover Image[edit | edit source]

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Team Meeting Notes[edit | edit source]

Emotive Conjugation Explorer Meeting Notes