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These are locations to visit should one ever have the opportunity.

Location Title Coordinates Mission
The Antenna 40.36069, -74.18486
The Clock and Pub 52.203980, 0.118000 You must first meet and sing at the Grasshopper.
The Golden Ball of Light 12.007208, 79.810658 Seek the attempt to catch light with a sphere within a sphere.
Hit the Wall but then Don't Repeat Yourself 40.91588, -73.12691 Sing in courtyard after hitting the wall. Send us proof.
The Estate 1.669700, 7.383700 Video must include singing and the 'podium
The Inn Crowd 41.079700, -72.2942006 Tell ‘em Dick sent you.
Our New Commander -37.788700, 175.284600 The transit beam departs from here.
The Palace of Master Oogway -15.955500, -5.720900 Master Jonathan Oogway is getting on in years. Sing to him on a video and share your visit.
Forest Monastery -22.965500, -43.237806 Help is available from the brothers and sisters of the jungle.
The Photo 50.839536, 4.378480 Sing and then take a photo. But it better be good. The bar is high.
The Vandal's Masterpiece 53.373000, -6.299900 Take a video singing. There is no way back to Barney's pub. Otherwise you would have drank there.
The End of Our Beginning 33.677293, -106.475287 Four is a crowd.
A Jewish Scribbler and Three of His Children 38.892334, -77.0485883 Yet, even with a good father, one is loved above the others.
Brain in a Box 39.951775, -75.190217 But golem wasn't built in a day.
Just Another Exit 32.585278, 35.184444 Bring a picnic.
A Restaurant at the End of the Universe 43.465400, -80.527500 Singularly impressive.
Inside Joke for Outsiders 48.316667, 8.216667 Some say it is sexist. I think not.