Eric Weinstein Wants to Get Off This Planet (YouTube Content)

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Eric Weinstein Wants to Get Off This Planet.
Host(s) Jesse Michels
Guest(s) Eric Weinstein
Length 00:44:39
Release Date 4 October 2021
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Eric Weinstein Wants to Get Off This Planet was an interview with Eric Weinstein by Jesse Michels on American Alchemy.


Eric Weinstein is a mathematician, cultural commentator and Managing Director of Thiel Capital. He has a theory in physics, called Geometric Unity, which attempts to reconcile quantum field theory and relativity. He's a walking anomaly and a complete polymath; genius doesn't do him justice. In this episode, we grab in n' out, talk about intergenerational theft, malaise among young people, artificial general intelligence, COVID, UFO's and the "theoretical" media company of the future.


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