Ep. 212 – Community with Eric Weinstein (YouTube Content)

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Ep. 212 | Community (with Eric Weinstein)
Community Minimalists Cover.jpg
Host(s) Ryan Nicodemus
Joshua Fields
Guest(s) Eric Weinstein
Length 00:57:25
Release Date 24 December 2019
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Community (with Eric Weinstein) was an interview with Eric Weinstein on The Minimalists podcast.


Joshua and Ryan discuss the internal conflicts many people experience when it comes to community and individualism, reason and spirituality, and religion and atheism with mathematical physicist, economist, and podcaster Eric Weinstein. Watch “Maximal” episodes of The Minimalists Private Podcast exclusively at http://patreon.com/theminimalists​

Questions answered in this episode:

How do I move on from my current community and find a new community since our values no longer align? (18:58​)

Are minimalism and religion working toward resolving the same human conflicts? (31:24​)


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