Who are you?Edit

I'm the guy who installed this wiki, so the community could use it to collaborate. For the past couple decades I've made my living as a web developer, and I'm happy to help the community with anything web related.

I'm in the Discord as BeefSandwich27, but my friends call me Brandon.

Who owns this wiki? What's the story?Edit

During the initial Discord voice call with Eric, I went ahead and bought the domain name and the server hosting. I was able to set everything up and get it running quickly, because several years ago I ran a wiki project that was much larger than this. That project was sold to Jimmy Wales's company, Wikia.

This project won't be sold. I'll donate all of it to Eric whenever he asks. I want the owner to be whoever Eric wants the owner to be. Right now I'm just the de facto custodian.

If you want to learn more about who I am and what motivates me, you can find me on Twitter.