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This is where we coordinate to get transcripts of every episode completed. If you want to help, check out the following links:

Getting Started

Add Podcast Episode Information to Wiki

  • Find new episodes of The Portal Podcast.
  • Create a page for the podcast episode. Here's the list of All Episodes. Edit the page and add the newest episode there. Let logic lead you down the path.
  • Put the description paragraph at the top of the document. (You may be tempted to put a heading above the intro paragraph called "Description". Resist this temptation. If you put that heading, the Table of Contents will be put at the very top of the document. This will make the "next" and "previous" navigation hard to find.)
  • Add the thumbnail using the format of this URL. All you have to do is change the YouTube ID in the URL to get the large thumbnail for any video. Look at how the other pages do this and copy that to the new page.
  • Make sure to include the buttons: next, prev, mp3, art19, etc.

Join the Transcripts Discord

Pick an Episode that You'd Like to Work On

  • Go to the #general channel and tell us which episode you'd like to do some work on. We'll point you in the right direction.

See What Status It's In

Working on a Transcript

Make a Machine Readable Version

  • Get the MP3 (from the episode wiki page)
  • Import the MP3 into Descript
  • Export a VTT file from Descript
    • Check the "Remove ums/uhs Checkbox"
  • Upload VTT file to wiki
  • Link VTT file in The Portal Media Progress

Run Through Alex's VTT Conversion Program

Find the VTT Conversion Program on Github. Then either:

  • Download Python 3.x, download the Conversion Script (.pyw) and run it.


  • Download the .zip with the Windows executable inside from GitHub and run it.

Regardless of which one you choose, you can then:

  • open the output '_wiki.txt' file
  • Paste into Wiki

Make Human-Edited Version

  • Add your name to the "Responsibility" column in The Portal Media Progress, so people know who to contact with questions.
  • Make edits to the wiki. All progress will be tracked in the "View History" tab.
    • If you want your name to be listed in the History, then you'll need to create an account.
  • Once you feel like you're done, change the Transcript Status to "Human-edited" in The Portal Media Progress.

Update VTT file with Human-edited Version

Run Through VTT Parser to Make Wiki-Friendly Text

  • Paste new version to wiki.
  • Update "Transcript Notes".

Annotating a Transcript

Other Media

Create a table here for other media the community finds relevant or useful.