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This is where we coordinate to get transcripts of every episode completed. If you want to help, join The Portal Transcripts Discord. This is part of the Transcript Completion Project.

Getting Started

Add Podcast Metadata to Wiki

  • Create a page for the podcast episode
  • Put description at top without a heading so that the Table of Contents is below the description
  • Add the thumbnail using the format of this URL. Example [1]
  • Buttons: next, prev, mp3, art19

Join the Transcripts Discord

Pick an Episode that You'd Like to Work On

  • Tell us which episode you'd like to do some work on.

See What Status It's In

Working on a Transcript

Make a Machine Readable Version

  • Get the MP3 (from the episode wiki page)
  • Import the MP3 into Descript
  • Export a VTT file from Descript
    • Check the "Remove ums/uhs Checkbox"
  • Upload VTT file to wiki
  • Link VTT file in The Portal Media Progress

Run Through Alex's VTT Parsing Program

  • Get Alex to explain how the program works
  • Export MediaWiki-friendly text
  • Paste into Wiki

Make Human-Made Version

  • Add your name to the "Responsibility" column in The Portal Media Progress, so people know who to contact with question.
  • Make edits to the wiki. All progress will be tracked in the "View History" tab.
  • Once you feel like you're done, change the Transcript Status to "Human-Made" in The Portal Media Progress.

Update VTT file with Human-Made Version

Run Through VTT Parser to Make Wiki-Friendly Text

  • Paste new version to wiki.
  • Update "Transcript Notes".

Making a Transcript (Old. Delete me.)

The programs below have been useful for automatically generating a transcription of audio or video, which then only needs editing to properly identify speakers, fix grammatical issues, and be made human-readable. Once this has been done transcripts can be exported as Microsoft Word documents, which allows for easy find-and-replace editing that implements wiki-formatting syntax before copying the finalized transcript onto its respective wiki page. In addition, exporting and uploading to the wiki a .vtt version of the transcript allows it to be used in many of our community projects. Some of the listed programs have free trials/transcription time, so don't hesitate to get involved!

Each time a new YouTube video is released, we need to take the audio from that and upload it to the CDN on the wiki. This will ensure that all of our time codes are matching up.

Annotating a Transcript

Other Media

Create a table here for other media the community finds relevant or useful.