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Revision as of 07:01, 4 October 2020 by SoldiersThree (talk | contribs) (See Talk page for further context. You are a mod on the Community server, so obviously you wish to frame things differently. However, the proper place for the Community discord on this wiki, if any, is on the "Portal Adjacent" list where Winterflags placed it.)
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  • The Portal - Unofficial Discord – The biggest server for The Portal community with over 12,000 users. This is the server Eric usually frequents.
  • The Portal Projects Group – This server is specifically focused on building projects that Eric muses about.
  • The Portal Book Club – A book club primarily focused on one of Eric's favorite books, The Road to Reality by Roger Penrose.
  • The Portal Transcripts – If you would like to help transcribe episodes of The Portal Podcast, this is where we coordinate.
  • The Portal Waiting Room – This server was created as a means of handling the issue of limited invites to the Unofficial Discord. It is now mostly inactive.

Discord Servers Adjacent to The Portal