Technology Intelligence Media (TIM)

Eisenhower said: “beware of the military-industrial complex” in his final farewell address. Eric believes that this needs to be updated to be aware of what he calls TIM: Technology, Intelligence, and Media.

All of our personal information is housed on the servers of a few large tech companies. The intelligence community has not been vigorously investigated for a very long time. The media is in some sort of relationship to both of those that we don't understand. The real concern is that the people who threatened the dominant “Gated Institutional Narrative”, have to beware of TIM: technology, intelligence, and media working behind the scenes in ways that we don't understand, which is the expectation post Church/Pike commissions.

I've tried to document the ways in which people have been brought down before. The last time we really cleaned house and the intelligence community was in the mid-seventies with the Church & Pike commissions. And we learned a ton about these untraceable ways that a Goliath -- which sometimes is emergent and sometimes conscious -- can take somebody down and you don't realize that the story that got written about you was planted by the government. And if that sounds crazy to you, you actually have a problem because this is fully documented. There's no conspiracy theory. It's a “conspiracy fact”. What we don't know is what happened since Church/Pike.

And this is why, for example, with the Nunes memo. (While I think it's a completely partisan stunt, it's a partisan stunt that may actually have an underlying reality as well.)

The default should be that this is the way the world normally works: that wasn't an anomaly. And if you believe that that doesn't happen anymore--absolutely--then the burden of proof is on you.

We have to imagine that fundamentally we're all vulnerable to having all of our email in a Gmail account, all of our personal interactions in our Facebook account, what we are doing with direct messages, being read by Twitter engineers. You know, I don't love James O'Keefe, but he seems to have unearthed some stuff at Twitter. We should be very, very worried.

-Eric Weinstein on The Rubin Report @ 1 hr 48 min