Rewriting the Tome

The original Tome by Sir Roger Penrose summarizes and makes accessible the universe at its most fundamental level. However, it is out of date, and also in need of many additions if it is to be a companion to the Graph and Wall. To Rewrite the Tome is to not accept this received wisdom at face value. Rather, the Tome should be an example for a new work specifically made as a companion to the Graph and the Wall.

Rewriting the Tome
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Topic Graph, Wall, Tome
Leader Aardvark
Start Date 26 July 2020
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This is not intended for immediate completion nor should it take high priority, but rather it should arise from the work done on the Graph and Wall. The answers to questions asked about the topics within those two will become much of the new Tome's content, in addition to basic summary. The new Tome will expand the organization of ideas contained in the Graph and the Wall, and make clear their connections.