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== A/B Testing ==
== [[A/B Testing]] ==
A/B testing (also known as bucket testing or split-run testing) is a user experience research methodology. A/B tests consist of a randomized experiment with two variants, A and B. It includes application of statistical hypothesis testing or "two-sample hypothesis testing" as used in the field of statistics. A/B testing is a way to compare two versions of a single variable, typically by testing a subject's response to variant A against variant B, and determining which of the two variants is more effective. ([https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/A/B_testing Source])
== [[Adaptive Landscape]] ==
'''Reference:''' [https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=XbKXeVOUQYY] Discussed in the context of adding “differential diagnosis” to our educators’ toolkit so that teaching disabled educators can learn how to add to better instruct students rather than externalizations the blame for their inadequate methods onto into the students.
== [[Adaptive Valley]] ==
== [[Adjective, Occupation, Name Formula]] ==
== Adaptive Landscape ==
== [[Agency]] ==
* Sewall Wright's theory of adaptive landscapes of fitness
== [[Agentic Leadership]] ==
== Adaptive Valley ==
== [[Anthropic Capitalism]] ==
* Sewall Wright's theory of adaptive landscapes of fitness
== Adjective, Occupation, Name ==
== Agency ==
Bandura (2009a) defined human agency as “the human capability to exert influence over one’s functioning and the course of events by one’s actions” (p. 8). “Through cognitive self-guidance, humans can visualize futures that act on the present; construct, evaluate, and modify alternative courses of action to gain valued outcomes; and override environmental influences” (p. 8). “To be an agent is to influence intentionally one’s functioning and life circumstances” (Bandura, 2008c, p. 16).
Four core properties of human agency were described in Bandura (2006b, pp. 164-165) They are (a) intentionality, (b) forethought, (c) self-reactiveness, and (d) self-reflection. Intentionality deals with the forming of intentions that “include action plans and strategies for realizing them” (Bandura, 2009a, p. 8). [https://principlesoflearning.wordpress.com/dissertation/chapter-3-literature-review-2/the-human-perspective/an-agentic-theory-of-the-self-bandura-1997/ Source]
== Agentic Leadership ==
Agentic leadership derives from the term agency. This leadership style is generally found in the business field by a person who is respected by subordinates. This person demonstrates assertiveness, competitiveness, independence, courageousness, and is masterful in achieving their task at hand.
* [https://theportal.wiki/wiki?search=agentic&title=Special%3ASearch&go=Go References to "agentic" in this wiki]
* [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agentic_leadership Agentic Leadership on Wikipedia]
== Anthropic Capitalism ==
[https://www.edge.org/response-detail/26756 Anthropic Capitalism & the New Gimmick Economy]
== Anti-Expert ==
''"Anti-Expert, n: 1. A person with expert training & credentials, yet who rejects consensus/institutional positions that cannot bear scrutiny."''
== [[Anti-Expert]] ==
== Anti-Fragility ==
== Anti-Fragility ==
== Anti-Interesting ==
== [[Anti-Interesting]] ==
'''Anti-interesting, adj.''': A subject is said to be anti-interesting if it is absolutely fascinating to the point where there is a strong market for it’s investigation but it threatens an institution capable of stifling discussion inside the [[Gated Institutional Narrative|Gated Institutional Narrative (GIN)]].
[https://twitter.com/EricRWeinstein/status/1220179687340572672?s=20 Source]
* [https://twitter.com/EricRWeinstein/status/1220179670802395137?s=20 Full Tweet Storm]
== [[Artificial Outelligence]] ==
== Artificial Outelligence ==
== [[Audience Capture]] ==
''"Artificial Outelligence, n: An unintelligent computer system that evolves by hijacking the minds it dupes & outwits."''
== [[Audio Samizdat]] ==
== [[The Big 5 Personality Traits]] ==
The Bass designs false fish used by the mussels to better parasitize the bass.
It’s one thing to think & talk about the risks of unintelligent agents using *our* brains to outsmart ourselves. Another to see such examples in nature:
== [[The Big Nap]] ==
== [[Checksum Theory of Politics]] ==
'''AI Can Now Self-Reproduce—Should Humans Be Worried?'''
== [[Church and Pike Commissions]] ==
== [[Consensus]] ==
'''Lampsilis mussels mimicking minnows'''
==[[The Cosmic Spelling Bee]]==
== [[Deaths of Accountability]] ==
== Audio Samizdat ==
== [[De-Potemkin]] ==
The clandestine copying and distribution of literature banned by the state, especially formerly in the communist countries of eastern Europe.
== [[Dining a la Carte]] ==
* https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samizdat
== [[Don't screw yourself out of magic]] ==
== The Big 5 Personality Traits ==
== [[Don't wait for the bread to rise]] ==
Eric has referred to the [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Big_Five_personality_traits Big 5 Personality Traits] as a person's hedonic composition.
== [[Double Island Rules]] ==
== The Big Nap ==
== [[The Educational Complex]] ==
Eric has referred to [[The Big Nap]] as the era characterized by magical thinking and extraordinary luck between the end of World War II and 2020 the emergence of COVID-19.
The Big Nap—at least in the developed free world—was essentially characterized as a run of extraordinary relative good luck and serenity (at least by the historical standards set by previous world wars, pandemics, depressions, and depressions), where the new gathering storm clouds of the Cold War threatened and menaced in the distance, but the skies directly above remained unprecedentedly clear. This created a bizarre developmental environment where the serenity of the Big Nap led to a worldwide epidemic of magical thinking among the expert and leadership classes that were raised during this time. [[The Big Nap|Read More]]
== Checksum Theory of Politics ==
When you're handed a file to install on your computer and you want to know whether or not it's been corrupted, you can't read all of the lines of code to find out that they're all in the right place. But there's some consequence of the right lines of code being present called a checksum which you CAN inspect—which is far easier to monitor—and I think that a lot of the questions that you're talking about are: if I can't understand what you're saying ... like, I may not know what a bleeble-e-blop is, but if you said yesterday that they were essential, and if you say today that they're absolutely horrid, I can at least ask you to clarify between your two positions with a zero knowledge orientation relative to what a bleeble-e-blop even is to begin with.
* [[41: Douglas Murray – Heroism 2020: Defense of Our Own Civilization]], approximately 0:42:52.
* [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Checksum Checksum on Wikipedia]
== Church and Pike Commissions ==
Were two parallel committees run in the US House and Senate investigating illegal activities by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and the National Security Agency (NSA). In the 1970's
'''References and Links:'''
'''Church Committee:'''
* [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Church_Committee Wikipedia Church Committee]
* [https://www.brookings.edu/blog/brookings-now/2015/05/06/40-years-ago-church-committee-investigated-americans-spying-on-americans/ Brookings institute on the Church Committee]
'''Pike Committee:'''
* [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pike_Committee Wikipedia on the Pike Committee]
* [https://www.cia.gov/library/center-for-the-study-of-intelligence/csi-publications/csi-studies/studies/winter98_99/art07.html The CIA themselves on the Pike Committee]
== Consensus ==
There’s no arithmetic consensus because it doesn’t require a consensus. But there is a Washington consensus. There is a climate consensus. “Consensus” is how we bully people into pretending that there’s nothing to see, move along, everyone. And so I think that in part, you should start to learn that people don’t naturally come to high levels of agreement unless something is either absolutely clear, in which case consensus isn’t present, or there’s an implied threat of violence to livelihood or self. ~[https://tim.blog/2016/01/13/eric-weinstein/ Eric on Tim Ferriss]
== The Cosmic Spelling Bee ==
Bret Weinstein's term for the existential position humanity faces.
== Critical Feeling ==
"You're over-feeling this."
Similar to critical thinking, but with emotional content. "Most of our emotions are susceptible to becoming maladaptive and because the content is not analytic thoughts they are harder to access and harder to influence." According to Jocko's philosophy, the Dichotomy of Leadership, we must remain aware of emotional balance and when to engage.
== Deaths of Accountability ==
"What is the real end game of this? Where are we really? When people are talking about reopening back to normal, I have the feeling that almost none of this stuff makes sense. And, you know, my take on "flatten-the-curve" was that we were caught with our pants down with respect to preparedness. And so we were trying to avoid deaths of accountability, which would be triage deaths. So then, you know, the issue was that the limbo bar was so low because we didn't want people dying to show that we were completely incompetent. So everybody should stay home so that we don't have deaths due to triage, as opposed to deaths due to the Coronavirus." ~ Eric on Covid-19, on [https://art19.com/shows/the-portal/episodes/f3267a63-450c-4342-bd91-70637a43784b The Portal Podcast #35], with Balaji Srinivasian @ 1 hr 32 min
"What the hell is wrong, it is time for these people to resign and it is time for us to remember that we have the ability to turn over our own government. We are so unprepared as a nation, and we have been sold out for so long by our self-appointed leadership class who nobody wants, that we either remember who we are and how this game is played—I mean, this is like, this is a pre-war footing. And this can easily lead to war, the transmission mechanism is you have everybody stay indoors, because you're worried about deaths of accountability, which is, you know, I don't think they're worried about the number of deaths. I think they're worried about deaths that result from triage, and that would result in career ending action.... If we all have to stay home while they replenish our supplies, then the economy goes into recession, recession can become depression, depressions lead to armed conflict and armed conflict leads to war. That would be a transmission mechanism from these stupid masks to stop something that nobody can handle." ~ Eric on [https://youtu.be/wf0_nMaQ6tA?t=2140 JRE #1453 @ 36 min]
== De-Potemkin ==
Depotemkin, verb: To create the missing reality that a façade was originally constructed to suggest was present.
== Dining a la Carte Philosophically/Politically/Ideologically ==
The concept that you can take parts of different ideologies that you find beneficial without swallowing the whole group of other ideas that typically come along with that ideology.
Eric's go-to for this a "'''[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xenophilia Xenophilic] Restrictionist'''".
A xenophile is a person with intense interest/love for other cultures, this is normally paired with an open borders policy.
Restrictionist in this context is an immigration restrictionist, that is derided as a Xenophobic perspective.
Thus a "'''Xenophilic Restrictionist'''" would be viewed as an oxymoron/contradiction in terms without decoupling them from their typically associated ideologies.
Other Commentary and Links
[https://medium.com/@kevinshau/some-thoughts-on-xenophile-restrictionism-717cdd37b36 Medium article: Some thoughts on Xenophile-Restrictionism]
== Don't screw yourself out of magic ==
* https://nilesjohnson.net/seven-manifolds.html
* https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Milnor
== Don't wait for the bread to rise ==
"We Jews have a tradition that I wish everybody had, which is that we read one stupid story every God damn year, just to drill it into your head to make sure it's always fresh. And this is: when it's time to leave, when it's time to change, don't wait for the bread to rise. This is what I say to every Jewish person, like, you're sitting around waiting for the bread to rise, because they all know the story, which is you eat the goddamn matzah because the people who waited for the bread to rise are no longer with us; their descendants are no longer with us. And it is time to revolt. ~ Eric on [https://youtu.be/wf0_nMaQ6tA?t=2210 JRE #1453 @ 36 min]
== Double Island Rules ==
Hello, this is Eric with a few initial thoughts before this week's episode. First, I want to briefly discuss a pair of mistakes and omissions on my part. To begin with, we released a portal special episode recently about a speculative theory of physics called geometric unity, which was partially recorded on April 1. We did this so as to make use of the opportunity to attempt to repurpose the tired and increasingly irritating April Fool's tradition, of which many of us have grown bored. I had intended to single out and call particular attention to a man who is very important to the geometric unity theory, as well as the portal project itself. This is a man I think of as my uncle and who means the world to my family, Michael W. Brown, former farmer and commercial fishermen who became the CFO of Microsoft and then the head of the NASDAQ. years ago, during the financial crisis, Mike invited me and my family to take over his two small islands in the Puget Sound archipelago and lead a renegade research oriented science camp. We did this every Some of their for many years and these islands now under new ownership are in fact the origin of the so called double Island rules that we discussed from time to time, which allowed us to get past issues of ego and miscommunication between intellectual and domain specific silos. In any event, we that is I rushed to get the episode out for April 1. And in my haste, I forgot to include the segment of special things due to Mike for a level of generosity, wisdom, selflessness, risk taking leadership and brilliance that honestly i'd previously only seen in movies. I will try to have Mike on the portal at some point. But I wanted to say that his unwavering support of scientists attempting to work outside of and around traditional channels in physics, biology, economics and other subjects has been nothing short of inspirational to me. So Mike, if you're listening out there, please come through the portal. '''--ep 31 (Ryan Holiday)'''
These are dark times, indeed, and we still need great leaders like you to remind us all of how it's done.
== The Educational Complex ==
A system of selective political, economic, and memetic pressures resulting in a cult of the teaching profession which prioritizes the careerist desires of the educators over the learning needs of the students.
== Efficient Frontier ==
The efficient frontier is the blending of all possible components into portfolios with the highest possible return and the lowest possible volatility.
* https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Efficient_frontier
== [[Efficient Frontier]] ==
== Electronic Tribalism & Electronic Feudalism ==
== Electronic Tribalism & Electronic Feudalism ==
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== Escher's Hands Drawing Hands ==
== [[Escher's Hands Drawing Hands]] ==
Eric uses this drawing as a metaphor when beginning his discussion of our Source Code.
[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drawing_Hands Wiki's article] will hopefully be growing with this community's influence.
== Evergreening ==
The Evergreening of an institution occurs when younger employees are hired with the expectation that their views will become more moderate and tempered by the institution, and instead the institution is overtaken and radicalized by the individuals that it was hoping to exploit.
'''Source:''' [https://youtu.be/1CCde6TAKdw?t=2259 YouTube]
== [[Evergreening]] ==
== Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD) ==
== Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD) ==
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== Game B ==
== [[Game B]] ==
Humankind has lived in Game A since we have escaped the Dunbar limit. Humankind has never seen or fully imagined Game B. People like Daniel Schmachtenberger, Jamie Wheal, and Jordan Hall speak about this process of dialogue and its risks on [https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFQ6Gptuq-sLflbJ4YY3Umw Rebel Wisdom]. A fundamental shift from adversarial processing to opponent processing.
== Gating Function ==
== Gating Function ==
== Gene Drive ==
== [[Gene Drive]] ==
A genetic engineering technology that propagates a particular suite of genes throughout a population by altering that a specific allele will be transmitted to offspring from the natural 50% probability.
== Genius vs Excellence ==
== Genius vs Excellence ==
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== High Agency ==
== [[High Agency]] ==
When you’re told that something is impossible, is that the end of the conversation, or does that start a second dialogue in your mind, how to get around whoever it is that’s just told you that you can’t do something? So how am I gonna get past this bouncer who told me that I can’t come into this nightclub? How am I going to start a business when my credit is terrible and I have no experience? You’re constantly looking for what is possible in a kind of MacGyverish sort of a way. And that’s your approach to the world.
- (https://tim.blog/2016/01/13/eric-weinstein/)
== [[Iago Media]] ==
== [[Irrationality]] ==
== Iago Media ==
== [[It's a beautiful thing]] ==
The Iago Media is found on both the left and the right. They both have a narrative. When the news is narrative-aligned they report the news. When the news is counter-narrative, they either ignore it, lie, or spin.
'''Related Concept''': [[Russell Conjugation]]
== Injustice Budget ==
[https://youtu.be/1CCde6TAKdw?t=2868 Source]
== [[Institutional Betrayal]] ==
== [[Kayfabe]] ==
== Irrationality ==
== [[Knarc]] ==
Irrationality is a feature, not a bug. It gives us the ability to Camp and decamp.
== [[Long-Form Podcasting]] ==
== It's a beautiful thing ==
== [[Litella]] ==
This originates from New York City.
Meaning: You can extract money from people who have no say in the matter.
== Injutice Budget ==
== Institutional Betrayal ==
A term coined by [https://twitter.com/jjfreydcourage Jennifer Freyd, PhD], at [https://dynamic.uoregon.edu/jjf/institutionalbetrayal/index.html the University of Oregon].
''"Institutional betrayal refers to wrongdoings perpetrated by an institution upon individuals dependent on that institution, including failure to prevent or respond supportively to wrongdoings by individuals (e.g. sexual assault) committed within the context of the institution. Institutional betrayal harms in at least two distinct ways: pragmatic and psychological. For instance, damage to citizens from avoidable government failure in managing covid19 is both pragmatic (illness, deaths, increased inequality, economic ruin) and psychological (leading to emotional and physical distress and thus more pragmatic harm)."'' [https://dynamic.uoregon.edu/jjf/institutionalbetrayal/index.html]
Eric frequently uses this term and credits Dr. Freyd [https://twitter.com/EricRWeinstein/status/942136473347702784 here]
== Kayfabe ==
"A rigorous system would be capable of tying together an altered reality of layered falsehoods in which absolutely nothing can be assumed to be as it appears. Such a system, in continuous development for more than a century, is known to exist and now supports an intricate multi-billion dollar business empire of pure hokum. It is known to wrestling's insiders as "Kayfabe"." (E Weinstein 2011)
'''[https://www.edge.org/response-detail/11783 Erics Original Edge.org Response relating to Kayfabe]'''
== Knarc ==
'''Knark''' is Swedish for very hard recreational drugs, but it's also "crank" spelled backwards with a slightly different spelling.
== Long-Form Podcasting ==
Led by Joe Rogan, long form podcasting is where thoughts are exchanged at length among individuals in conversation. A threat to mainstream, legacy media, those who work in and around this space are often smeared.
[https://theportal.group/my-absence-the-tech-platforms-the-2020-election-jean-seberg-and-article-58/ Source]
== Litella ==
''"Litella, v: to become politically & publicly outraged by one's own misinterpretation of the opinions of others."''
* https://hulu.com/watch/4256
== The Looting Party ==
Episode 27, 1:46:00:
:when Bill Clinton decided that he couldn't take yet another loss to the Republican party, he was going to start experimenting with republicanism inside of the democratic party. By that point, we had two parties that more or less were two flavors of the same thing. I refer to that collective as '''the looting party'''.
== [[The Looting Party]] ==
== Long Term vs Short Term Optimization ==
== Long Term vs Short Term Optimization ==
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== Maladaptive strategies ==
== [[Maladaptive strategies]] ==
== Meaning ==
"The meaning of my life is the progressing struggle to impart meaning to meaning." [https://twitter.com/ericrweinstein/status/1071207012493549568]
== Message Violence ==
The analysis of message violence: "that there is certain violence that is committed theatrically as an instrument of transmission to induce preference falsification."
"The idea is to create something so horrific, beyond what is necessary to silence someone through murder and death, to communicate to others the instant necessity of beginning to falsify their preferences."
"A leveraging effect where a small amount of violence results in the maximum amount of preference falsification."
[https://youtu.be/xzjqjU2FOwA?t=1728 #4 Timur Kuran] @ 28:50 Eric describes Saddam's Ba'ath party meetings. @ 31:45 Eric puts forth his theory.
"The point of the violence is to be so picturesque that it works its way into your mind and it won't let you go because somebody did something that was unnecessarily unthinkable; just for the purpose of torturing your brain with knowing that is what is on the other side."
[https://youtu.be/Lmv_5I4WcNk?t=3303 #6 Jocko] @ 55:03
== Middle Finger ==
It's the US’s Competitive Advantage. One of the things that the US still has over, let’s say, a competitor like China is that we tolerate the middle finger. it’s really important to start respecting our marginal citizens of greatest ability, and looking for the unusual personality types that are irreverent and committed enough to making things happen and really do things.
* https://tim.blog/2016/01/13/eric-weinstein
== Minus Epsilon ==
This originates from the [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/(%CE%B5,_%CE%B4)-definition_of_limit epsilon-delta definition] of a limit in mathematics.
== The N^2 Revolution ==
This idea was shared with Eric on Dec, 07, 2017. The No Name Revolution, or N^2 Revolution, is the name Eric has given crisis we are currently facing. He proposes that our current cultural predicament was caused by our loss of Semi-Reliable Communal Sense-making. This is the sum total of the [[Distributed Idea Suppression Complex|DISC]], [[Embedded Growth Obligation|EGOs]],  and [[Load-Bearing Fictions]] being realized.
"...there was enough complex for us to function as a country and I think that has gone away. So I think that this (our loss of Semi-Reliable Communal Sense-making) is the parent of the crisis which I increasingly think of as, what I call it is: The No Name Revolution or the N squared revolution. We are in some sort of new regime which doesn't look like revolution we have seen before. It's much physically violent, so far. It is digitally extremely violent. And it has to do with the fact that we cannot make sense of things communally at some semi-reliable level."
* [https://youtu.be/M2F__2-NdAg The N^2 Revolution] on The Portal Clips
== [[Meaning]] ==
== New Gimmick Economy ==
== [[Message Violence]] ==
[https://www.edge.org/response-detail/26756 Anthropic Capitalism & the New Gimmick Economy]
== New Orchards ==
== [[Middle Finger]] ==
Often people discuss the availability of "low-hanging fruit" when discussing growth and innovation. Instead of arguing over the existence of low-hanging fruit in the current paradigm, consider finding new orchards.
== [[Minus Epsilon]] ==
== No Living Heroes ==
== [[The N^2 Revolution]] ==
== [[New Gimmick Economy]] ==
== Operation COINTELPRO ==
== [[New Orchards]] ==
== [[No Living Heroes]] ==
* https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/COINTELPRO
== Oral Torah ==
== [[Operation COINTELPRO]] ==
== [[Oral Torah]] ==
== Overton Window ==
== [[Overton Window]] ==
The Overton Window doesn't describe everything about how politics works, but it does describe one key thing: Politicians will not support whatever policy they choose whenever they choose; rather, they will only espouse policies that they believe do not hurt their electoral chances. And the range of policy options available to a politician are shaped by ideas, social movements and shared norms and values within society.
== [[Perfectly Legal]] ==
* https://www.mackinac.org/OvertonWindow
== Perfectly Legal ==
== [[Physics Dollars]] ==
"It's perfectly legal" – something ethically dubious may be going on.
''"Perfectly Legal, adj.: Of a case where the letter of the law has been arbitraged against its spirit (see [https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/pettifog Pettifog])."''
== [[Potemkin Village]] ==
== Physics Dollars ==
== [[Preference Falsification]] ==
Theoretical physics practically created the modern economy:
* Chemistry
* Semiconductors/Transistors
* World Wide Web
* Electrification
* Wireless
* Nuclear Power/Weapons
* Molecular Biology
These are not simply taxpayer dollars. They began as physics dollars.  ...
== Potemkin Village ==
In politics and economics, a Potemkin village is any construction (literal or figurative) whose sole purpose is to provide an external façade to a country which is faring poorly, making people believe that the country is faring better.
* https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Potemkin_village
== Preference Falsification ==
Timur Kuran's theory brought forth in his book Private Truths, Public Lies.
Eric contests that the theory of [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Preference_falsification Preference Falsification] is Intellectual Kryptonite. "Because your theory can be accommodated within the standard theory... the problem is that it is a ready made upgrade to the existing theory in which nothing is lost but new degrees of freedom are gained; and that could have an absolutely unpredictable effect on the entire field because it is at the level of the substrate." [https://youtu.be/xzjqjU2FOwA?t=4023 #4 Prof. Timur Kuran] @ 1:07:03
== Rent-seeking Elites ==
* https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rent-seeking
* https://twitter.com/EricRWeinstein/status/1233245397142794240?s=20
* https://twitter.com/EricRWeinstein/status/1236164753375940609?s=20
* https://twitter.com/EricRWeinstein/status/4358723892?s=20
* https://twitter.com/EricRWeinstein/status/1179425234312683520?s=20
* https://twitter.com/EricRWeinstein/status/1179425234312683520?s=20
* https://twitter.com/EricRWeinstein/status/947648146443714560?s=20
* https://twitter.com/EricRWeinstein/status/786770327225245696?s=20
* https://twitter.com/EricRWeinstein/status/799678548176834560?s=20
* https://twitter.com/EricRWeinstein/status/796376216294961152?s=20
* https://twitter.com/EricRWeinstein/status/775737838964924417?s=20
* https://twitter.com/EricRWeinstein/status/1177353828934377473?s=20
* https://twitter.com/EricRWeinstein/status/1096131757538066433?s=20
* https://twitter.com/EricRWeinstein/status/1096130594742755328?s=20
== [[Rent-seeking Elites]] ==
== Reputational Violence ==
== Reputational Violence ==
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== Resource Capture ==
== Resource Capture ==
== [[Responsible Conspiracy Theorizing]] ==
== Riding on a technical substrate ==
== Riding on a technical substrate ==
== Rough Space ==
== [[Rough Space]] ==
''"Rough Space, n: A place to think, joke & observe that is neither safe nor tolerant of abuse."''
We now need rough spaces to replace safe ones.
== Seberging ==
"When <nowiki>[the]</nowiki> sport of personal reputational destruction is coordinated by members of the complex formed by institutional media, the intelligence community, the political parties, political consultants, finance, tech and the academy"
[https://theportal.group/my-absence-the-tech-platforms-the-2020-election-jean-seberg-and-article-58/ Source]
== [[Seberging]] ==
== Section A of the Reserve Index ==
Yes, our government developed a plan for rounding up people who could contradict the GIN. There‘s a plan for a coming total collapse of confidence in our system.
[[https://twitter.com/EricRWeinstein/status/1166951361147092993?s=20 Source]]
== [[Section A of the Reserve Index]] ==
== Selective Pressures ==
== Selective Pressures ==
== Semi-reliable Communal Sense-making ==
== [[Semi-reliable Communal Sense-making]] ==
There has been a breakdown in the ''Semi-reliable Communal Sense-making''. Traditionally we used institutions to guide our collective sense-making, but this is no longer the case in the media landscape – so sense-making is no longer close to fully ''communal''. Walter Cronkite was not always telling the truth, but what he said was a close approximation of the national consciousness and shared belief structure as a complex for the country to function upon, but this does not exist in the current media landscape – so it is no longer ''semi-reliable''.
* https://youtu.be/URS81okN0Mc?t=927
== Skadoosh ==
* [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=31P4DgkW9Ns The Wuxi Finger Hold]
* [https://qr.ae/pN28mq Eric discusses Kung Fu Panda on Quora]
== Sharp Minds vs. Sharp Elbows ==
* [https://art19.com/shows/the-portal/episodes/1b4a34fc-8ee2-489a-af6a-0a996b89d27b 2:16:21 in Podcast Episode 41]
== Speaking Fee ==
''"Speaking Fee, n: 1) Asynchronous Baksheesh received once a politician has left office. 2) (Archaic) A modest honorarium for giving a speech."''
== Split Level Argument ==
Related to the "Motte-and-Bailey Doctrine".
== Steady Hands ==
This originates from Washington D.C.
"He has steady hands." You can count on him to do the wrong thing during an emergency to keep everyone on the inside okay Everyone on the inside is super dependent to burn all of their credibility in public
== Steel-manning ==
The steel man argument (or steelmanning) is the exact opposite of the straw man argument. The idea is to find the best form of the opponent's argument to test opposing opinions.
[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Straw_man#steelmanning Steelmanning]
== [[Skadoosh]] ==
== Teaching Disabilities ==
== [[Sharp Minds vs Sharp Elbows]] ==
Not Learning Disabilities Differential diagnosis
== Terms of Service ==
== [[Speaking Fee]] ==
== [[Split Level Argument]] ==
== Totalizing Ideologies ==
== [[Steady Hands]] ==
== [[Steel-Manning]] ==
Arendt defines ideologies as concepts of describing the world and people in it, as ‘isms which at least as far as their adherents are concerned, can explain virtually every event and norm in social life by deduction from a single premise. They are worldviews that collapse nuance and contradiction, and simultaneously promise a means of refining and perfecting the world in a fashion that is promised to significantly improve it for its adherents and their progeny. Ideological systems like this are obviously not rare, rather it is the elevating of one such school of thought into a totalitarian movement where the mischief occurs. Seized by such a movement as a templates of a future perfected, an ideological system of belief becomes transformed into a deductive principle of action.
== [[Teaching Disabilities]] ==
== [[Terms of Service]] ==
Referenced in https://theportal.wiki/wiki/41:_Douglas_Murray_%E2%80%93_Heroism_2020:_Defense_of_Our_Own_Civilization
== [[Totalizing Ideologies]] ==
== The Twin Nuclei Problem ==
== [[The Twin Nuclei Problem]] ==
* https://twitter.com/EricRWeinstein/status/1117085693883273218
== The Observerse ==
== The Observerse ==
== There is no secret ingredient ==
== [[There is no secret ingredient]] ==
This is a line from Eric's favorite movie, Kung Fu Panda.
== Thinkquisition ==
"In the Inquisition, the Jews of Spain were chased by the Spanish Inquisition into, say, Turkey in the Ottoman Empire. My claim is that a lot of analytic lefties have been chased into the center right by the madness of these progressive lunatics, and that thing I'm calling "The Thinkquisition" is that people who are worried about, you know, homophobia or xenophobia, and all these things, but don't for a second sign up for the progressive, revolutionary sort of pseudo-Maoist agenda, those people are now hanging out as if they were in Turkey, even though their home, you know, was originally in the analog of Spain. The center right has become the Ottoman Empire to receive people chased out of the madness of Spain."  ~Eric on [https://jamesaltucher.com/podcast/472-eric-weinstein/ The James Altucher show #472]
== TIM - Technology Intelligence Media ==
Eisenhower said: “beware of the military-industrial complex” in his final farewell address. Eric believes that this needs to be updated to be aware of what he calls '''TIM: technology, Intelligence, and Media'''.
All of our personal information is housed on the servers of a few large tech companies.
The intelligence community has not been vigorously investigated for a very long time.
The media is in some sort of relationship to both of those that we don't understand.
The real concern is that the people who threatened the dominant “[[Gated Institutional Narrative]]”, have to beware of TIM: technology, intelligence, and media working behind the scenes in ways that we don't understand, which is the expectation post Church/Pike commissions.
I've tried to document the ways in which people have been brought down before. The last time we really cleaned house and the intelligence community was in the mid-seventies with the Church & Pike commissions. And we learned a ton about [https://www.latimes.com/opinion/story/2020-06-07/fbi-los-angeles-times-jean-seberg-50-years these untraceable ways] that a Goliath -- which sometimes is emergent and sometimes conscious -- can take somebody down and you don't realize that the story that got written about you [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gtj3GYB3cTA was planted by the government]. And if that sounds crazy to you, you actually have a problem because this is fully documented. There's no conspiracy theory. It's a “conspiracy fact”. What we don't know is what happened since [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Church_Committee Church]/[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pike_Committee Pike].
And this is why, for example, with the [https://fas.org/irp/congress/2018_cr/nunes-memo.pdf Nunes memo]. (While I think it's a completely partisan stunt, it's a partisan stunt that may actually have an underlying reality as well.)
The default should be that this is the way the world normally works: that ''wasn't'' an anomaly. And if you believe that that doesn't happen anymore--absolutely--then the burden of proof is on you.
We have to imagine that fundamentally we're all vulnerable to having all of our email in a Gmail account, all of our personal interactions in our Facebook account, what we are doing with direct messages, being read by Twitter engineers. You know, I don't love James O'Keefe, but [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rgyPpsX2B0g he seems to have unearthed some stuff at Twitter]. We should be very, very worried.
== Type I & Type II Error ==
== Umwelt ==
''(in ethology)'' The world as it is experienced by a particular organism.
== Vampire syndrome/Vampire effect ==
"Sensible people who live on the internet and are saying dangerous things cannot be reflected inside of institutional media because it's an official structure."
* [https://www.pscp.tv/EricRWeinstein/1RDGlQrpqmMJL?t=5m32s]
<-- == White Suit == -->
== [[Thinkquisition]] ==
== [[Technology Intelligence Media (TIM)]] ==
== Wu-Yang Dictionary ==
== [[Type I & Type II Error]] ==
== [[Umwelt]] ==
* [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yang_Chen-Ning C. N. Yang on Wikipedia]
== [[Vampire Syndrome or Vampire Effect]] ==
== [[White Suit]] ==
<!--== The Long Nap == -->
== [[Wu-Yang Dictionary]] ==
<!-- == Freedom is an export == -->
<!-- == Freedom is an export == -->
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<!-- == Intellectual Dark Web (IDW) == -->
<!-- == Intellectual Dark Web (IDW) == -->

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