Environment of Evolutionary Novelty (EEN)

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The Environment of Evolutionary Novelty (EEN) was coined by Eric Weinstein in his 2014 presentation for the Palo Alto Longevity Prize. This is an update for the current landscape on the scientific concept of the Environment of Evolutionary Adaptedness (EEA)

Life and Death in the EEA and EEN[edit]

  • 120 years of healthy life appears to be about the upper limit inherited from the EEA
  • We do not live in the EEA, but in the Environment of Evolutionary Novelty (EEN)
  • The EEN has been open-source beginning with the reverse engineering of the double helix in 1953 and the genetic code a decade later.
  • Selection has had little to no time to search the EEN with advances in imaging, surgery, regenerative medicine, transplants, genetics, etc.

Central Question[edit]

  • Why are we failing to adapt by accepting the 120 year limit set by the EEA if selection will eventually reset the limit around the EEN?

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