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Driven by genetic- and sexual-selection, evolution has developed an outstanding toolkit for adapting organisms to survive and thrive. By unlocking conscious self-awareness and reason in humans, evolution has enabled the development of language, culture, and technology to expand our freedom beyond biological constraints. With fine-tuned and pervasive genetic engineering, immersive virtual reality, and brain-computer interfaces on the horizon, we have a duty to align freedom and individualism with long-term, transcendent purpose in order to survive. The advent of exponential technologies capable of rewiring minds and changing cultural values requires that we support development of radical longevity therapies and expansion of consciousness throughout the cosmos.

Convex Hull of Radical Lonvegity
Topic Convex Hull of Radical Lonvegity
Leader @Dana and @ashervivi88
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This project is an investigation of 1) the relationship between nature and longevity, 2) how we might leverage technology to indefinitely extend human lifespan, 3) why radical longevity is necessary and timely to pursue, and 4) how transcendent purpose can anchor our decisions in the present with the values of future generations.


@Dana and @ashervivi88

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