Annotating episodes

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There are two types of annotations:

  • Notes: plain text comments.
  • Resources: links, images, and videos.

You can annotate an episode by going to an episode's wiki page and inserting annotations to the "annotations" section of the page (can be created if missing).


Annotations require a special markup in the following format:

<div data-type="resource" data-timestamp="00:14:00-00:14:53">Content</div>

  • Type: can be either resource or note.
  • Time range: sets of timestamps, start and end, for the annotation, separated by a hyphen. If the annotation is relevant for more than one time range, another range can be included, separated by comma (for example: 00:14:00-00:14:53,01:44:12-01:45:02). Important: timestamps are not synced between different versions (youtube video, original audio, etc). The timestamps used in annotations must be taken from the audio file of the episode linked in the episode's wiki page, unless specified otherwise.
  • Content: Plain text for notes, anything else for resources.

What is this for?

Annotations are currently being used in the Portal Player, and are also visible in the wiki.

Where do I start?