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Eric Weinstein referred to the Portal Community discord server as the "Anti-Portal Community Server" on 9/27/2020. With Eric himself opposing the principles of this server, it is correct to remove it from the wiki.

There was a request for further context. It is properly paraphrased as follows:

RichardSmith [requesting of Eric]: Let us help you!
Eric: I would take you up on that offer, except I don't trust you. I see this as the Anti-Portal Community Server, not the Portal Community Server.

Eric went on to indicate that he based his evaluation on things he had seen himself and sent to him from others. Some people tried to convince Eric that he should not trust his evaluation because he didn't have proper context. Eric remained unconvinced.

The association to the Community server should be dropped.

^^ this is literally the opposite conclusion to the one that was reached by everyone else in that conversation. Again Eric Weinstein is in the community server and attends it so I don’t undersnd how you can say association should be dropped

This is a wiki, not a place to hash out your views on which server you like best